Orange Shirt Day + Race Day- Kegs and Legs

Happy Friday!!!

It is officially Friday and it is a WET one!  I usually LOVE a good, rainy Friday….but I am NOT happy about it today.  I signed up for the Keg and Leg 5km run along the Riverview Water Front and I really don’t want it to be raining for this event.  It is just a 5km run for fun, but it will be less fun in the rain.  You go 2.5km to pick up your beer ticket and then turn around and run back to the Buddha Bear Cafe where you get your free beer.

The girls and Matt are coming to watch mommy “race” but if it’s raining like this I don’t think they will be able to sit and wait for me.  Plus, there are a lot of people and Buddha Bear is an outside Cafe, so it might be difficult.  So- here’s hoping the rain HOLDS off!!

I just had my poetry group with my group of girls at school that write and share poetry and our last assignment was to find poetry competitions we can sign up for.  We found six and we are going to look into it.  We also had two girls share a poem today and man, they were amazing.  Tears might have been shed (which isn’t unusual for us). Gosh, I LOVE this group!

Yesterday, I had the day off because I had a few doctor appointments.  It was nice though because I got to be home when the girls got home.  We cuddled on the couch and watched Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone.

Then we cuddled under a blanket and pretended to be asleep when Daddy got home.  I don’t think he believed us.

Lily got kicked in the face by her sister during this and insisted on a nose for her bandaid- whatever works right?

Later on the girls and I sat out in the breezeway while they “fixed” their lawn chairs with their tools.

Then we took off and had super at Nana’s.  Yummy Shepards Pie and Rhubarb Crisp for dessert!  Yummy and EASY supper!

Then back home, put pj’s on and did some puzzles.  What a fun evening!

Today is ORANGE shirt day- to recognize what the First Nations went through with residential schools, losing their land, language and way of life and to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope because every child matters.  I’m proud to say I wore orange as did many of my co-workers and students.

And my girls wore orange too and were very excited about it.

Alright- almost time to get soaked while running a 5km….yay……………….

Happy Friday!



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