Meet the Teacher + Five Friday Favs

Yesterday was lovely.  It was a warm day but the school wasn’t bad.  The kids were great and my yoga class was AMAZING.  Well, at least I think so, haha.

Then I left school to get home to eat and prep the girls to head back to THEIR school as it was Meet the Teacher in the elementary schools.  It’s nice at their age to have this evening, so you can put a face to a name and hear about what they are learning and what their expectations for us as parents are as well.

I went to Lily’s room and Matt went to Leah’s, but Lily’s finished up earlier so I got to kind of go to both.

And then they played outside for awhile

Which ended up being a bad idea, because they wouldn’t listen to us when we said it was time to go, and I had to chase them down and get angry with them.  So, they ended up losing TV for the night and had to go straight to bed when we got home and they weren’t allowed to watch a show this morning when they waited for the bus.  UGH!!!!!

And TODAY is Friday and it is an assembly day- I LOVE assemblies and school spirit so I enjoy these days.  And the classes are slightly shorter, so the day seems to go by quickly.

AND I’m SO excited for tomorrow as I am going to PEI with Katie, Krystle, Kelly and my sister Sondra.  We all worked at Camp Centennial together and have been friends for almost twenty years.

We are going to How Bazaar – obviously – and also going out for dinner and then having a chill night at my moms place.

I am so pumped!

And Matt will hold down the fort while I’m gone.

Sunday, I’m hoping to be home fairly early as it’s Open Farm Day and I’d like to bring the girls to a farm to see the animals and how things work.

Five Friday Favs

1. This tank top is essentially ME, except you could also add “Kinda a Cartoon Character, and then it’s me wrapped up in a tank top.  I need this!

2. THIS Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake from Red Earth Kitchen at the Dieppe Market (she’s also at the Moncton Market).  You can’t go wrong- you can pick ANYTHING up from her place and it’s AMAZING!

3. These chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiched inside.  My girlfriend Kayla makes these and they are AMAZING.  She should sell them, and if she does do this, I will let you know because you NEED one of these NOW.

4. This man. <3 swoooooon.  If you haven’t started The Outlander, and you needed a reason to begin- here it is.

5. And this meme- even though when I teach my students about Savasana, I explain it as a difficult pose, as you shouldn’t just be lying or sleeping, but you should be lying with intent and being in the moment.  BUT, it made me giggle….and I DO love savasana.

****Also, I LOVE that my hair is now long enough to do top knots again.  Hair out of eyes= win!  Loving it!

Alright, have a great weekend- see you Monday!



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