Matts hits the gym! + GratiTuesday + Migraines + Splash Parks


To say I was tired Monday is an understatement!  I was so tired, my legs seriously felt like lead last night as we brought the girls to swimming and then came home and tried to get them to bed….for awhile….ugh.

The reason?  I woke up at 11:30 Friday night…..yes, we went to bed at 10….we are wild….with a WICKED migraine!  I tried to go back to sleep but could not lay horizontal with out incredible pain.  So, I sat on the L couch, so that my back was up against the corner of the L and my legs extended out.  I was sitting, with THIS Magic Bag on my head

And that was the ONLY time I felt relief.  I woke up almost hourly, and at one point thought I was well enough to try the bed again…but the moment I was horizontal I knew it wasn’t going to work…so back to the couch I went.

I was there ALL night, and eventually ended up cuddling with the girls in the morning as they watched TV and I sat with my eyes closed.  At about 8, the pain subsided enough for me to lie in bed and I slept for an hour before getting up and getting ready for PEI…

THEN I was in PEI with the girls and had a BLAST, and even though we went to bed at 11….again we are WILD….I didn’t sleep the best since I was not in my own bed and I was sharing it.

And then Sunday we went to Fun Zone.  I was in bed Monday night at 9:30 but up at 5 for the gym, so I’m still not quite caught up.

BUUUUT….we still had a good night.  I met Matt and the girls at the splash park where the girls were able to play with our neighbour, Sarah, for an hour before heading home for supper.

Then we headed to swim lessons.  And while the girls were swimming, Matt and I headed upstairs so he could get a weight session in.  He got these new wrist and hand attachments that help him either hold weights, or clip onto machines.  Last night he only used the clip ones, and then sat on the shoulder press and chest press and used the machine.  Pretty cool.

Then we got home and my dad came by to visit because he wanted to tie the grape vines up against the trellis before winter comes.  Thanks DAD!!

And we managed to get the girls to bed and that’s pretty much all we had energy for.  Another early night!


I am part of a Gratitude Facebook group where a bunch of fabulous people post DAILY about what they are grateful for.

And one of my girlfriends, who is also part of this group, posted THIS last week.  And I LOOOOVE it.  It is such a fun, easy and QUICK way to mentally see what you are grateful for in many different venues of you life.

Let’s play!  Feel free to comment your answers 1-8 in the comments section.

1. When my children giggle or cuddle

2. A book

3. Freshly cut grass

4. Jamie Fraser from The Outlander

5. My water bottle

6.The ocean and lakes and rivers

7. A used book

8. Journal

I hope you play along!

Have a great Tuesday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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