LOOOOONG Weekend Update + First day of school for mama + First day of Grade 1 for the twins

Happy Tuesday of this beautiful four day week!  I hope everyone had a great long weekend!

We sure did.  We hung around Friday because my niece, Claire, was playing in the final tournament with her provincial baseball game.  We wanted to go watch, so we decided to hold off on the cottage until Saturday.

The girls were beyond excited to watch her play- they are a TAD obsessed with their cousin.  She is the catcher, just like Grand-pere was, and she is a really good little player.  We also saw her go up to bat as well.

Saturday, I got up and hit up the gym while Matt got some of his stuff done, and then when I got home, he headed out for a bike ride and the girls and I headed to the market  We got some desserts from Red Earth Kitchen and noddles for the girls’ lunch.  (We also got daddy a donair).  And….I taught the girls how to use chop sticks- sort of, haha.

And once Matt was home, we headed to the cottage.  Where we made a fire,

and roasted marshmellows and made spidey dogs.

And had some sparklers.

And the girls showed us how good they are at swinging themselves on the swings now.

We also went for a nice boat ride.

And did some dishes.

And sang some songs while we cuddled.

Today, I got up and went to the gym, while I was there, Matt took the girls to a park.

And when they got home, Leah got stuck between the seats in the car somehow????  And thought it was HILARIOUS- daddy caught it on camera.

And I food prepped when I got home.

When we met up at home, we got ready as Matt and I were going to take them out for an ice cream.  Leah, unfortunately wasn’t behaving well, so it ended up just being Lily and I.

But after awhile, daddy got Leah some ice cream at home.

Buddha Bear Cafe was having their final Beer party down on the waterfront, with live music, and food and the tidal bore at 4.  So, we sat down and ate our ice cream, and I had a beer and Lily had a juice box.  It was super fun.

Then we picked up Leah and headed to Nana’s for a visit.

Before heading home to shower and get ready for their first day of grade 1!!!!  And some books before bed.

Today, is my first day with my grade 9’s and their first day with grade 1….and taking the bus.  We are all excited and a little nervous, hehe.  Should be a good day!

Hope you all have a great one!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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