HAPPY FRIDAY! + Five Friday Favs

Good morning everyone!  We survived the FIRST WEEK BACK TO SCHOOL!

My students seem amazing and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them this week.  It was a great week, other than the heat.  Yesterday was so hot, that quite a few students felt sick, and ALL of them were uncomfortable and sticky.  But today is quite cooler and so far so good!

After school, I had a hair appointment,

and Matt had a special work event, so my dad and stepmom babysat for us.  They played Monopoly, Connect Four and spent time outside with the girls.  By the time I got home from hair, they were fed, in their PJ’s and teeth brushed.  Plus they had a blast with their grandparents.

The girls are really enjoying being in Grade 1, and in French Immersion.  BUT, MOST of all, they are LOVING taking the bus in the morning and after school.

Five Friday Favs

1. I just got this new coffee from Costco and it’s Fair Trade, so I was excited to see that.  It’s also organic and it tastes yummy!

2. AND they now have PB2 PEANUT BUTTER version at Costco- which I think I’ve mentioned before, but it’s $7, as opposed to the $14 in other locations.

3. And….Costco again, they have these Apriums- which I’ve never heard of??  But I’m assuming they area cross between apricots and plums?  Whatever they are, they are AMAZING and the WHOLE family has been eating them ferociously.

4. Sobeys has these Loaded Oats, and they are made in the GMA, so it’s pretty cool that a local product is in our grocery stores.  They are also DELICIOUS and only have three ingredients- which I LOVE!

5. I got a low fat, sugar free COLD brew at Starbucks yesterday to help cool me down and I put the sugar free caramel sauce in it and it was DELICIOUS!

Also- I LOVE having a fridge in my room as I can bring my weeks worth of Kissing Rocks Kombucha to school and keep it cold for the week!  Amazing.

Alright, that’s it for this week folks!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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