GratiTuesday + Matt’s NEW ADVENTURE + Family Gym Time Love

Hellooooo everyone!

So, I hope everyone had a GREAT Monday.

My Monday started off a bit rough….I woke up at 5am and headed to the gym at 5:15 only to see THIS outside at the bottom of my driveway.

I had the green garbage INSIDE of my bin but some sort of animal actually TIPPED it over to get to the garbage bags inside…and the garbage was EVERYWHERE…..this was only one side of the bin there was more garbage on the other side.

I ignored it and headed to the gym and figured I’d deal with it when I got home.

I DID have a GREAT workout with Alicia at the gym, and that cheered me up.  I got home, put on plastic gloves and scooped all the garbage into new bags and put it back in the bin and hoped the animals stayed away until the garbage people came by. (they did)

On the way to work, it was like people were in a rush and driving with their eyes closed.  I got cut off TWICE and someone also rammed into me from behind.  BUT I got to work and once I started teaching, I calmed down.

The rest of the day was smooth.  And then the girls had their first swim lesson of the year at the Y.  It was super great, because now I get to get in a little cardio session when they are swimming downstairs.  And I can peak on them once in awhile as well.

They had a blast, and I LOVE having them at the gym with me now.  We get to spend more time together this way AND they get to see me living a healthy life, which I love and hope will rub off onto them.

They are saying, “We love the Y,” in this photo, haha.

And in other news, I’ve been wanting to share this but have been waiting until Matt had officially shared it first.  He started a “new” job this week….I say “new” because he’s actually been working with this company for quite awhile now in his spare time and then last year went down to four days a week at his engineering firm and worked here for one day a week.

But, now he is working full time for Tango Medical, a company that sells rehab equipment in NB.  He LOVES the positive environment, and that his disability is actually an asset in this field.

Also- he’s off at 1 and able to pick the girls up from the bus stop and be with them after school.  Which is so amazing, because they are outdoors all the time now and eating healthier snacks (easier not to pack them) and it allows Matt to have quality time with them, that he wasn’t getting last year with working full time and training full time.  It is an exciting (albeit, nerve racking- what new step in life isn’t?) time for our family.  CONGRATULATIONS Matt!  We love you!

This is the post he posted on FB yesterday to announce it:


What is one kind or thoughtful thing someone has done for you recently and how did it make you feel?

This is such a wonderful question or practice to do on a weekly basis to help establish a gratitude practice.  In fact, I recently was added to a Facebook group where people share something they are grateful for daily.  Now, thinking of kind and thoughtful things someone has DONE for YOU is an easy way to begin a practice of gratitude.  Then you can continue to think of the things around you, or things you do, have, feel, etc., that makes you feel grateful.

For me, recently, I had someone who I’m acquaintances with (we both have twin girls and so we know each other quite well but don’t hang out often) offer her help.  It was the week that my mom had her stroke and my nanny had a heart attack.  It was a stressful week and thankfully the girls were in Camp Centennial so they were busy, active and engaged throughout the day- which meant I didn’t have to worry about them or worry about them being bored or upset that I wasn’t around.

HOWEVER, this person did NOT know that.  And she reached out via messenger and asked how I was doing and specifically asked if she could pick the girls up from daycare (her girls go to the same daycare) and keep them occupied for the evening until I was home from the hospital.  I REALLY appreciated it.  Many people reached and and many said “Let me know if I can do anything,” but it’s hard to say yes to that or ASK, so I thought it was REALLY sweet and kind that she specifically asked if she could do this particular thing to alleviate some stress for me.  It’s not often this happens and it made me want to pay it forward!

What has someone done for you recently that was kind or thoughtful and made you grateful?  Think about it and I’d love to hear about it if you wanna share!

Have a GREAT GratiTuesday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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