Girls Trip + Fun Zone + Monday Mantra

So, Friday I got off work and I headed home and immediately started to food prep for the following week.

I knew that I would be headed to PEI and only arriving home Sunday and would want to spend the time with the family.  And Matt was headed to the cottage with his boy and only arriving home Sunday as well.  So, I wanted the food prep out of the way.

It was a busy Friday evening, but worth it.

We did manage to have enough time to paint our nails,

play outside and then cuddle on the couch.

Saturday the girls all met up and headed for PEI.

We wanted to leave at a decent time so we could visit some shops, How Bazaar, and Kuriosities (I had not been but Kelly LOVES this store and I was pumped to visit it) and get some groceries before heading out for a nice meal in downtown Charlottetown.

WELL, we went to How Bazaar, and I got some earrings and picked up these pants for a co-worker. LOVE them!

THEN we headed to Kuriosities, and it is the cutest little shop with little trinkets, and I ended up getting this ring

AND THIS NECKLACE!!!!!  (Dealthy Hollows from Harry Potter)

Then we went to the restaurant Fishbone and ate upstairs on the rooftop.  BEAUTIFUL views, with a band playing below.

And really neat seats.

And then walked around downtown.

Then we headed to my moms place and got settled in.  We spent some time down by the water

And facetiming Krystle, who couldn’t make it as her husband was working and she has a 12 week baby.

Sunday, we got up at a pretty decent time and headed for home.

It was great because we got home and Matt was already  back from the cottage and then we picked up the girls and headed to the Fun Zone by Magic Mountain.  The girls had gotten tickets for this place for their birthday from their friend Gracie and it expires next weekend.  And since this weekend was so beautiful we decided to go Sunday.

The girls had a BLAST!  The went on literally EVERY ride and we stayed for three hours.

It was a GREAT weekend!

****Is it just me, or are ALL my pictures blurry today for some reason?  It’s really annoying me….

Monday Mantra:

This quote is so perfectly fitting right now as Matt and I am embarking on many changes this year.  He wasn’t happy for awhile now (not with his old job per say) but due to the fact that he worked so much and then trained so much that he had little time OR energy left for his family and for free time.

So, even though we had to make sacrifices, we decided it was best for him to switch jobs and go down in hours so he could be home more with the girls.

It seems to be working out really well.  Not only are the girls getting to know the young kids in the neighbourhood, but Matt is also getting to know their parents.  I think it’s so important to know your neighbours and build a community, so this is great.  They are also playing outdoors ALL afternoon essentially, and getting to spend quality time with their dad.

Matt seems to be enjoying it.  The first week was hard and he was EXHAUSTED, but they seem to be getting into a groove now.  AND, he at least KNOWS what we are having for supper and semi- if not completely planning it before I get home.  I always found figuring out WHAT to have was one of the hardest parts, so I LOVE this!

It may not be perfect, and it may be scary at times but change is where you see growth and development, and so I’m excited!

Have a great Monday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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