Five Friday Favs + Poetry + Wine + Muggles

Happy, Happy FRIDAY, FRIYAY!

I am happy as my class who was having trouble “adjusting” to high school is slowly coming around.  I won’t say what period it is, but let’s just say no matter how amazing my day was, I was always LEAVING school depleted and exhausted.  Which is a bummer, as I go home to my own children and want to have energy for them.  And I have been coming home cranky which isn’t fair.  So, I’m happy to say (and hoping I’m not jinxing it) that things seem to be coming together for this wild crew.

And today is poetry day!  Which is ALWAYS my favorite.  My group of students who have been coming to my class during one noon hour a week since grade nine has continued this year, with more people joining each time.  I LOVE this group.  They are AMAZING kids, and the poetry they create is mind blowing.  I wish I was half as creative as these kids!

And I found this book which is book of poetry created solely from poetry contests that were open to students between the age of 13-18.  So, I’m excited to show it to my students and see if we can find some contests for them to enter.

And it is Friday and Meet the Teacher is done.  I actually really enjoy Meet the Teacher and had a blast- it’s SO fun chatting with parents of siblings I’ve already taught and meeting and chatting with new parents….but it does makes for a long day.  So, I’m even more excited that it is Friday.

Plus our female staff are meeting up at the Magnetic Hill Winery to have a glass of wine and cheese board and to just get together to chat.  Should be a nice time.

This weekend is VERY chill.  And after my migraine last week and whirlwind PEI trip it is VERY welcomed.  We have NO concrete plans other than what I mentioned above for this evening.

Also- random- but if anyone wants to buy this for me, I would love it….just sayin’.

And I’m re-reading the series for the billionth time and half way through book two – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (started book one Monday).  LOVE it more EVERY time!

Five Friday Favs

1. This “clean” froggy who has been in our lives even longer than the girls themselves.  This one is Lily’s and she asked me to wash him as he was “dirty.”  I did….and she was ecstatic with how CLEAN he was and how wonderful he smelled.  HAHAHAHAHA….sure.

Here is what he looked like originally…..

Anyone else have a child who is crazy attached to a stuffy or blanket?

2. I did a post Wednesday about #beccatoldmeto here.  And this is another example of this wonderful act.  I came to work one day and had these three post it notes on the door to my classroom.  WHAT a way to brighten my day!  Plus, ones like this were all over the lockers going up and down the halls.

3. Plus, one of my favourite students ever gave me a Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie. (she was accompanied by one of my other fav students too) and that made me smile 🙂

4. The restaurant that we visited in PEI last weekend, FishBone, had BEAUTIFUL quotes all over the wall heading up the stairs to the rooftop.  I loved this one.

5. If you are a parent, you will be able to relate to this.  And if you aren’t, you’ve probably had an experience with glitter yourself.


Alright- have a FABULOUS weekend!

See you Monday.



Blissful Bhakti Babe


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