Emotions can sometime take over and that’s OK! + New lunch ideas + Piggyback rides

This is going to be a really short post today, sorry!

I had a really busy, unexpected evening last night.  And a rough, emotional morning.  All is good.  And I try really hard to be upbeat on the blog and not talk about depressing things, so I apologize.

The girls got home a bit late, as they were at their grandparents, so once they got home it was PJ’s and brush teeth and pretty much bed time.  However, I did snap these pics of them before hand because it was so darn cute.  They are obsessed with piggy backing each other.  And they were in such cute moods as they kept hugging each other and kissing each other and giggling.  It was really heart warming.

And then I made their lunch.  I’m trying to get away from sandwiches as they eat soooo many carbs, so I cut up veggies and gave them some dip and rolled up meat and put tooth picks in them to keep them that way.  They are SO excited for their lunch.  As am I!

They have been REALLY enjoying school.  They are now in grade one and in separate classes and it’s going well.  They enjoy being on their own and being their “own” person but then meeting up on the playground the play.

Their teachers have BOTH called to touch base and introduce themselves and to let us know how things are going which I REALLY appreciate.  That takes a LOT of time, I know, and I think it’s so wonderful that they took the time out of their own day to do this.  They both indicated that the girls are behaving and listening really well and are settling into the classroom routines well.  I LOVE hearing this as I sometimes feel pressure as a teacher to make sure they are awesome for their OWN teachers.  So, so far, so good!

Alright, today is a GREAT day.  Teaching and then NOTHING planned for this evening.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tomorrow will be a longer post!



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