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Happy hump day!

Slowly starting to wake up and feel more refreshed…man it takes a long time to recover from lack of sleep now.  I’m OLD!  Remember those university days when you could pull an all nighter and then head to classes the next day AND go to basketball practice and feel fine?  Yeah, me either haha.

But I’m slowly recovering….from not an all nighter having fun….but a migraine all nighter, haha.

So, #Beccatoldmetoo was this past Saturday.  Becca Schofield was an 18 year old girl from Riverview, NB who was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and unfortunately passed away in February of this year.  However, she turned this prognosis into a beautiful movement called #beccatoldmetoo.  Her dream/wish was for people to pay it forward, so essentially do good deeds with no anticipation of a returned favour.

And what happened was amazing.  Thousands of people have paid it forward using this hashtag, not only in New Brunswick but across North America.  Enough so, that they published a book citing thousands of the hashtag stories.  You can get it here  , and also check out her story and videos.

And she was also awarded the Governor General Award.  Pretty amazing.

So- the second Saturday of September is now known as Becca Schofield day.  A day where people are encouraged to do acts of kindness.

My girls decided to go downstairs and clean the basement, unprompted.  That works for me!

And then mid-morning (before I left for PEI), the doorbell rang and a women with her teenage son stood holding trays of candy apples.  They asked if the girls wanted on, which they obviously said yes to, and I asked how much they were reaching for my wallet, when she said #beccatoldmeto.  So sweet!

I later went to PEI and paid for someone’s ice cream at Cow’s Ice Cream store.

This is a pretty incredible story as well.  My girlfriend’s kids decided to have a lemonade stand where the lemonade was FREE.  However, if you CHOSE to donate, they were going to use the funds to donate to the SPCA for food and shelter for animals.  My girlfriend said that a HUGE majority of the people who came where high school students, and in just a few short hours they had raised almost $291!!!!  Isn’t that amazing? And it was ALL their idea!  Incredible kids.

Last night the girls were picked up from the bus stop by Matt’s parents.  So, I took off from school and headed back to the gym to get in some cardio.  We went to a 24/7 gym before the Y and we started working out at 5am, whereas now we can only start at 5:30.  So, we are doing more of a HIIT program to workout more efficiently, but I do miss my cardio and don’t want to lose my cardiovascular health and abilities.  So, I try to go a few times a week just to get some cardio in.

It was nice.

And the girls had fun too.  They went for supper at Matt’s parents place.  They are renovating a house nearby, so for the winter they are moving in from the cottage and living at this house while renovating.  They need to remove wallpaper, and it just so happens….the girls LOVE helping.  Haha.

It was a great day all in all.  And I bet today will be even better!

And here are a couple pics of my dad helping tie up the grape vines yesterday.  What beautiful weather!  Not so much today, haha, although I do love a good rainy, PJ and movie day!

Have a fabulous day!



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