Wednesday Pose of the Day + Girls are Back + Beach Yoga and Malas!

Good Wednesday Morning!

We are half way through this beautiful week!  The weather has just been amazing and hopefully you’ve been able to enjoy it a bit.

The girls were still at the cottage this morning, so, Matt and I got to sleep in a bit, and then after I got the coffee going for Matt, I took off for the gym.

I got a great workout in, and now that I’m at the YMCA again, I get to see my dad often, as he works out there as well.  Now, during the year I will be there before he is even awake, haha, but at least I see him often now.

Then I got ready and took off for Shediac to teach a private yoga session to some girlfriends.  There was six of us this time and it was the most magical afternoon.

We started with an hour of gentle yoga and then a nice savasana to relax.

And, of course, some Champbucha.

And, one of our hostesses, Tina, had set up a special surprise for us.  She invited Christa Martin, from @_all_the_pretties, to come and do a special Mala making session with us.  She makes homemade jewelry and is from Riverview- so it’s great to support local.  However, her stuff is also BEAUTIFUL AND affordable and made with love.

The malas are made with semi-precious stones, and they all have properties.  We got to pick the stones that we were drawn too, or because they had properties we felt we needed.   We could make a chakra bracelet, or just create our own.

The beads were all laid out with notes so we could figure out what we want.

Once the bracelets were made, we smudged them and set out intention for them and sprayed them with chakra spray.

It really was such a special, magical afternoon with some amazing ladies.

And then, the girls came home!  They were in SUCH good spirits, and I was so excited to see them!

They had a BLAST at the cottage, today, they continued to swim and go on boat rides and play in the water.

They also went in the shop with Bampy who taught them how to use a hammer and nails, and they BUILT a jewelry box. (they are finishing them next time by making the cover) and they were SO proud of themselves.  They even sanded them themselves as well.

And they got these stories that were made in the East Coast.  They are really neat as they talk about PEI, NS, NB, Anne of Green Gables, etc., things they have seen, visited, or heard about.  Pretty neat.

Wednesday Pose of the Day

Today- it’s a bit different- not a pose per say, but mudrasMudras are a symbolic gesture, some that can be used with the whole body but mostly used with the hands and fingers.

These can be used with meditation, or to help centre yourself as you prepare for a class or to prepare to close a yoga class.  They can even be used throughout the day to help calm and relax oneself.

When you connect the five fingers, it is often believed that theses mudras can be connected to the five elements.

1. The thumb- connected to fire

2. The pointing finger- connected to air

3. The middle finger- connected to the ether, the energy that fills the universe.

4. The ring finger- connected to the earth

5. The pinky finger- connected to water

So, if you are feeling an imbalance with an element, then you can meditate accordingly.

  • For instance, if you are over heated, or feel like you have a temper, you can connect the thumb to the pointing finger.
  • If you need to focus on your breath or to calm down- same thing- pointing finger to thumb.
  • If you need to feel calm, reassured and connected to the universe (essentially everything), connect the middle finger to your thumb
  • If you need to feel grounded, or connected to the earth, maybe you are off balance, or feel insecure about something, connect the ring finger to your thumb.
  • And the pinky finger is water, we are made of water, so this one is good to keep in balance.  Therefore, this one is good to do periodically, by connecting pinky finger to thumb.

You can use mudras in any position, most common is easy pose, seen below.  You can also use hero’s pose, or full or half lotus. (really you can do mudras in ANY position)

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Have a great day!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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