The Art of De-Cluttering + Five Friday Favs + How big is your cup of coffee?

Ok, so yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL rainy day and it helped to cool things off a bit!  Now, I know many people don’t like rain that much, but sometimes rain is just so great.  It helps everything grow, feels good to walk or dance in, and allows you to feel good about having a lazy day and staying inside watching movies and napping.

That’s ALMOST what I did.  I stayed inside for most of the day, but I continued my purging binge.  I am using some books (which are down below in my five fav items) to help me as I move my way through my house.  I’ve actually used these books before, and will probably end up using them again.  As living simple is tough when you live with someone else PLUS two children who accumulate THINGS constantly.

And some of the “things” they accumulate, are THOUSANDS of art drawings and crafts, not to mention rocks, sticks, leaves, etc.!!!  Can anyone else relate?  They come home with POCKETS full of the OUTDOORS and they hide it in their room like it’s TREASURE….I just found dried up leaves and sticks between their books in their bedroom!?  So, purging is a consistent thing (not to mention I may have an issue with buying clothes…my sister loves it though because every few months she gets a few bags full….Matt doesn’t love it so much)

So, I’ve worked my way through pretty much the first floor.  I just have a few more drawers to go through, and then I will make my way through the basement.

I also had a hair appointment yesterday with the best colourist, Mylene!  Thanks lady!  I LOOOOVE it!

The girls are off to daycare today, as they have another out trip!  This time they are going to a blueberry U-pick!  As their teacher said, I hope they don’t weigh the kids before and after because I’m sure they will eat more than they bring home.  Haha.  I sure hope not though, because I told the girls we will make blueberry pancakes and muffins with what they bring home today.  They were pretty pumped.  I just LOVE the out trips they have been able to partake in this summer!

Matt was off to work this morning at 6am, as he had to travel to Fredericton, so I was up with the girls and was only able to hit the gym after they were off to daycare.  My “cup” of coffee this morning…..

Also- this came up on my FB today.  This was when the girls were 3 days old and they first met Alfie. <3

Five Friday Favs

1. This is technically number 1, 2, and 3.  These books are great, quick reads that show you have to make your likfe more simply and how to free yourself from clutter and lead a more balanced life. (or try to in my case….still practicing)  Have you read any?  Like/love/hate?  Do you have any OTHERS you would suggest?

2. This show!  Oh my gosh I am OBSESSED!  I LOVE it, and watch it while I’m doing cardio at the gym.  Which has proven to be interesting as sometimes I’m crying and have a hard time breathing while doing my cardio and other times I’m laughing out loud.

3. This new slogan that New Brunswick has put out.  It’s pretty neat as if you read about it on their website, it speaks about how it is BOTH the responsibility of the biker to make themselves known on the road and also the motorist to be aware of their surroundings.  This is important to me as, (as you may know) get nervous when Matt is out biking alone.

4. GARDENS!!!  Free, organic veggies!  This is my mother’s in PEI, and I take full advantage of it!  Next year, I hope to have enough time to have my own.  This swiss chard and beet greens are my fav!

5. This meme.  I don’t know if ALL mother’s (parents) can relate to this….but I don’t know if I will EVER stop buying wipes now.  I use that stuff on EVERYTHING!

Ok, well that’s it for this week!  Tomorrow, we are having the girls “friend” birthday party at the aquatic centre and then Sunday we are headed to PEI with my sister and her daughter.  We are having a girls trip to my moms place and staying until Tuesday.  So I will be back online TUESDAY!

Hope you have a great weekend!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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