Schools Back in Session! + Weekend Update

Well, the time has come.  It is time to head back to work.  The dreams have started- if you’re a teacher you know what I’m talking about- back to school dreams!

We finished the summer with a bang, spending time at the cottage.  And then on the way home, we stopped at Staples so I could get some new pens, and paper and school supplies to get myself excited for work.  And it worked.  Nothing makes me happier than new pens and post it notes!

So, I will be spending the week getting my class set up and getting prepared for my new students.

Friday I met up with some of my colleagues for lunch at Calactus.  We wanted to get together before heading back to work to help ourselves get back into the groove.  It was nice, plus I LOVE the food there.

Then I went home and got us all packed up for the cottage and Matt came to get me so we could pick the girls up together.

We got our annual Camp pic as a family, plus extended members this year 😉

And the kids all together with their Camp shirts on.

And then we piled in the van and took off for the cottage.

Matt borrowed a scooter from his work and we ALL had a BLAST trying it out.  The girls took turn riding with daddy and then I took a turn with them and it is so fun!

And now he can go through the woods and down to the dock by himself which is GREAT!

The girls helped prep supper.

I forgot to bring my medication and if I don’t take it I start to feel sick by noon, so the next day Matt and I took off to the nearest Jean Coutu to get some to last me a few days and the girls went to the market with Nanny and Bampy.  We got home about the same time and prepped for a boat ride.

We packed a lunch and ate on the boat and parked at a beautiful location to go swimming.

The girls had a great time and were so tired they ended up falling asleep.

And we were gone so long, that by the time we got back the tide was so low we couldn’t park at the dock, soooo Mark ended up piggy backing Matt up to the cottage.

Leah found a friend.

And the next day, we headed back home in time for supper.

The girls and I decided to go outside and clean the car.  They were REALLY good helpers!

Alright- I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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