Meetings + Family Visits + Girlfriends + New Necklace


So, good news- I got to spend the day with some of the most important ladies in my life today and we had a lovely picnic in Centennial Park.

Bad news- it was SO hot today with the ENTIRE district’s worth of teachers in ONE building with NO AC.  I was DRENCHED!

Good news- while we had our picnic, Nick joined us and brought us THESE treats!

AND when I got HOME as uncomfortable and sweaty as I was….I came home to AC as WELL as a gift for myself from Sarah Jayne!

I mean, just look at the packaging!!!  You can’t HELP but be excited when you get a pretty package like this in the mail.  Look at the inside, and the colourful tissue paper!  I never want to throw it out.

I had bought this necklace a LONG time ago and with the summer being as busy as it was, I haven’t had the chance to pick it up.  So, Sarah, being the amazing person she is, shipped it to me.

And of course, Sarah, being Sarah, included a cute pair of earrings that just happen to match the necklace.  So excited to wear this!  Check her out @sarahjaynedesign or here

I did have a wicked headache from the heat, so the girls and I had some quiet time as I got home pretty early.  Any one else get pretty nasty headaches from intense heat?

Once I was feeling better, we had supper and then Matt’s mom and sister and my mom came to visit and help us water and weed the plants.

Our beautiful plants.

And the girls are interested in learning about hip hop, so we put some videos on so they could get a feel for it.

They had a blast.  And we had a blast watching their slightly uncoordinated movements, haha.

And my dad came by with two shelves that he had made for my food cabinet.  There was so much empty space that we always had to stack things and it got messy so quickly.

So, he made us two shelves and came by to put them in for us.  He also did the same thing in our laundry room!

My house is so much more organized now than it was a week ago!

Ok- so this week has been a bit of a new beginning for me with the new school year and lots of meetings and such.  So, as you can tell the blog has been postponed and posted later than usual.

Next week, once I settle into a routine again, the blog will as well.

I had mentioned that I was going to have a guest blogger today, but I think it will happen Thursday instead.  She wants to put some more pictures into it, so I’m not rushing her.

Alright, happy Wednesday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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