Matt’s back + Weekend Update + Last week of Camp Centennial

Good Monday morning everyone!  Hope you all had a nice restful weekend and are ready for the week!

The girls are at Camp Centennial for Week 9, the last week! And they are super pumped to be there.  Week 9 is one of the most exciting as the counselors plan something special for campfire.  It is typically the girls plan some sort of event and the boys do one as well.  When Matt and I worked there it was sort of a competition and we took it very seriously.

This is the year the girls decided to be Owen’s Cheerleaders.  We had a cheerleading couch come in and teach us a routine.

This is Matt from one of the boys routines.

And the girls when we were Owen’s angels.  This one was intense, some of us came in, in a jeep, others zip lined down or rappelled down the wall, and some came over the hill and then we had a dance routine.

The year we re-wrote the “rap” from Fresh Prince.

The boys coming over the hill before they did a dance routine.

The boys when they made their own rap about Camp. (Matt is #12 in this pic)

I’m not sure if it’s still a competition but I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with this year.

Matt is HOME from Worlds!  He had an amazing time but is exhausted and happy to be home.  And we are happy to have him.  The girls were so excited to see him and missed him a lot!

He had a great time, and learned a lot, and had nothing but positive things to say about the whole experience.

Now, he has some time off from biking before training starts again.  So, we are going to soak up as much family time as we can!

The girls were at the cottage until Sunday, and I was home purging and cleaning the house.

I also did some painting.  I have my old bedroom set from when I was a child and it is in mint condition, but it was a light brown wood and I wanted it to be while for the girls room.  So, I had painted most of the items earlier, and just recently reorganized the girls room and wanted to put another piece in so I painted it white to match. Painting that bunk bed was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done lol.

My old desk I wanted in the play room so I could have a place to blog and not have my laptop on the kitchen island anymore as I was nervous someone would spill something on it.  So, I painted it a light grey and am really happy with it.

Now, today, my father is coming over to help me clean the garage and then the WHOLE house will be done!

My nanny had a heart attack, (she’s ok, and in really high spirits) so my mom and I went to visit her in the hospital Saturday and then I took off to go get the girls from the cottage.

I ended up staying the night.

We had a big brunch the next day and the girls helped cook it.

And then we went swimming and took a boat ride before coming home.

Of course, we made a stop for ice cream on the way home.

I think they were tired.  Glad they napped because I let them stay up late in order to see Daddy before they went to bed.

Ok, that’s it for today- next week the blog returns to normal, with Monday Mantra.  For now, I continue to clean!



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