Matt talks about how he placed at Worlds + Five Friday Favs!

Well, yesterday was very productive.  I slept in, and then had my appointment with Tina and then got home in time for Matt’s race and then I was right back at cleaning.

Matt did really well and placed 6th at Worlds.  He’s super happy with his race and how he paced and finished strong.  He is not one to feel this way usually.  He usually will feel upset with some aspect, like going to hard at the start, or losing gas, etc., so I was really, really happy when we spoke and he was pleased with how he did.  This was the Time Trial, so basically a race for time, and done individually.  Now he has the group race, with medals and podium on Saturday.  He really enjoys the races as they are fun and less pressure than the time trials, so it’s a nice way to end the week.  Then he’s HOME!!!  And gets to take time off from biking and we are super excited about that!

This is what he had to say about it :

And I’m here trying to get our lives completely organized so we can relax and have fun as a family when he gets back.

Today, I made sure EVERY single drawer, closet, cabinet, etc., was completly purged and organized and then made my way downstairs to start on the stuffed animal issue we have.  The girls are OBSESSED with stuffed animals (partially my fault as I am obsessed with stuffies as well and have bought them one for almost every holiday, birthday, etc. and now they pick a stuffy out any time they get the chance.  So, I started that and will tackle it today as well.

I also got a few things to help make life more organized as well.  Which I will share in my Five Fav Things.

The girls are at the cottage and although I miss them and it feels SO weird not to have them here (we have been together non-stop this summer) it is nice to have the chance to organize and they will be excited about the improvements I made to their room when they get home.

Also, they definitely are not missing me as much as I’m missing them.  They are helping bampy prepare wood for the fire pit and even driving in the tractor with him.

They put on a ballet show for Nanny and Bampy in the water as well.

And they are making the tops for their jewelry boxes as well.

Five Friday Favs

1. I advise a group of students, who have a poetry club, at school at noon hours.  I adore these students and LOVE our sessions where we chat about life, and share our own poetry and poetry we love from others.  We also love to watch YouTube videos of spoken word poetry.  So every time I see one of these books, I HAVE to get it.  I LOVE just opening it up to a random page and reading a poem and seeing if it relates to my life or motivates me or just seeing what emotions it evokes.  This one is pretty emotional, and the poems are quite short.

2. This one is more like passages, prose poetry of sorts.  And I am really enjoying it.  Also, the cover caught my attention and won me over.

3. I got this nifty thing at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I was tired of all the brooms being just THERE in the laundry room looking messy.  So, this was a perfect way to organize them!   My dad and I put it together last night and it was actually more difficult than the cabinet I speak of below.  But we managed.

4. And in the girls bathroom, they only had the sink cabinet for storage.  And there are no drawers to put anything, only an open space.  Not good for much other than towels and toilet paper.  So, I got an over the toilet cabinet.  My dad and I put it together last night.  And there were NO fights, only laughter.

5. And this.  My dad and step mom have these and they are so neat as the plugs TURN, so you can point them in the direction you need them.  There is also a place to charge your phone directly instead of needing an adaptor.  This was at Costco, but they also have them at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Alright, that’s it for this week!

Have a fabulous weekend.



Blissful Bhakti Babe


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