Matt is LIVE at the Worlds + Let’s Clean House

Hi guys,

I’m an idiot, I posted about Matt representing Canada at Nationals, when I meant to say WORLDS.  He competes at Nationals every year, but this is even more special….so I correct myself.

The most amazing part is that it is going to be live streamed!  I was so, so sad that I wasn’t going to be there, but now I can at least WATCH it live!!!

Here is the link here

I am so excited for him!  I just want him to have fun, not put pressure on himself and be in the moment.  Who cares how he does as long as he is happy with his personal race and the effort he puts forth.  He’s at WORLDS!!!!  That is a HUGE accomplishment, so I hope he realizes that and just takes it all in!!!

His race starts at 2:08 eastern time TODAY!  So, tune in!

We got up yesterday and I packed the girls up for the cottage and did their hair in tight braids as they will be in the water a lot.

And they are there until I got to pick them up Saturday.

The house feels quiet and lonely but I rarely get a chance to have the house to myself.  So, I’m taking advantage.  By….cleaning!  And staying up late haha.  I’m wild.  I’ve cleaned ALL the closets and drawers on the first floor and hope to make my way through the basement as well.

It just feels so good, and it’s nice to have the house organized before the next school year begins.

I also got to hang out with my gal, Tina for a few hours today and got to catch up and chat while she did my nails.  Such a fun time and I always look forward to it!

My nails are totally 80’s and they make me smile every time I look at them.  How fun are they??

We also planned our next yoga session with the girls, and I’m REALLY excited for this one!  It will be in September…..on the next full moon and it is going to be so fun!

Alright, a short one today as I’m going to get myself all prepped up to watch Matt’s race.

However, I saw this meme….and it made me think of myself.  This is me…to a T.  Haha, anyone else????  It’s like a dance party up there, 100% of the time!

Have a great day!!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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