Matt is competing at WORLDS + a Special person’s birthday + Girls trip!

I’m back!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and a fabulous start to this beautiful week in August.  It’s crazy to think we are already August 15th!  This is a special, special day as this is the day my best friend in the whole wide world was born!  I wouldn’t know it until I was born three years later, but she was there to welcome me into the world.  So, happy birthday to my sister Sondra!!!

We actually celebrated her birthday while we were in PEI, but today is the actual day.

Ok, so the girls birthday was last week, but we had their party on Saturday.  It was a pool party at the Dieppe Aquatic Centre

And they were so excited to see some of their school friends that they haven’t seen all summer!

They swim for an hour,

and then we have a room for an hour.  We had pizza and cake.

And then they opened their gifts.

How children watch other children open gifts, haha.

It was so fun, I recommend it as the chaos is not in YOUR house haha.

Then the next morning we were up and ready for PEI.  We were headed down with my sister and her daughter.  He son was going away with his other aunt and uncle and Matt was also headed away to Quebec for the Handcycling Nationals.

He is a para-cyclist on the Canadian Next Gen team and was selected to represent Canada at the World Cup in Baie-Comeau QC. ****Yes, he is a QUAD, “para” stands for parallel, not paraplegic.  He races with the H2 class which is for people of similar impairment.

Doesn’t he look good?

He competes tomorrow, so I will keep you updated.

This is the first time I’ve not been there WITH him and I’m actually really sad about it.  Since he was part of the National team he has to stay with the team and crew, so money-wise it didn’t make sense for me to go.

We miss him, but are really excited for him!

So, the GIRLS had a girl trip.

We went to Nana’s place in PEI.

We did a LOT of swimming.  We swam at my moms place (you can see the water from her door, it’s about 20 steps away)

and we swam at Canoe Cove which is about a five minute drive away and is BEAUTIFUL.

And of course we dug for Quahogs.  This was Claire’s first time and she LOVED it.  So we did it two times and the second time her and Sondra (and all of us really) were on a MISSION.  I’ve never seen so many quahogs.  I’m of the mind, if you pick them you eat them.  No wasting.  So I ate 60 and was so sick the next day.  Whoops.

And we also went to the Dunes.  Such a magical place!

And of course, we took a trip to Cavendish and walked the boardwalk and had some fish and chips at our favourite restaurant.

And OBVIOUSLY went to How Bazaar (twice- I’ve gotten my niece to fall in love with this store as well as my children= WIN!) and Lily bought a purse there with her birthday money.  (Claire had come on the trip with her own purse, so Lily wanted to be just like her)

It was a great trip, with lots of wonderful memories made.

This might be our last trip to PEI for the summer, which is sad, but I’m ready for more of a routine.  I will be going in September with my camp girls for our annual trip, but I think that’s it for family trips.  Time to clean house and prep for the school year!

This was a long post, so I’m going to end it here and I will be back tomorrow.  I also have some guest bloggers coming up in the near future which I am SUPER excited about- so stay tuned.

This summer has been a fabulous one, and the blog has been a recollection of what we did but as the school year approaches, it will become more of a yoga/meditation/gratefulness blog again.  I’ve tried to keep it up, but was also living in the moment….all about balance!

Have a great day and send Matt positive thoughts and encouragement for tomorrow!!!



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