LONG weekend Update + Daddy got in the pool with the girls!

Alright, so I went dark yesterday as I decided to stay in PEI an extra day with my mom and the girls.  So, I thought, I would take a day off of blogging and spend it with my girls.

TODAY is their BIRTHDAY!!!!  They are six years old.  How does this happen so quickly???  I feel like last year was their third birthday when I painted their bunk beds and transitioned them into their big girl beds. So, as SOON as I got back from the gym this morning they got to open a little gift to begin their day.  They were so excited.

And then, they got to pick what they wanted for breakfast.  Leah opted for French Toast, and Lily wanted pancakes.  Daddy stayed home late so he could eat with us before heading to work.

What a wonderful start to the day.   We have our family birthday party this evening, so we will be getting ready for that.  The girls are super excited to decorate.

This weekend was another great one.  Friday started with girls night!  All of my favourite people (minus a few who couldn’t come) in the same place.

What a great time.

And then the next morning we were up bright and early to pack up for PEI.

Matt and I were heading down to celebrate our anniversary (it was in July) and the girls were going to spend time at my moms.  I am a HUGE fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jesus Christ Superstar is playing in PEI.  My FAVOURITE song, I Don’t Know How to Love Him is in this musical so to stay I was pumped is an understatement.  And I might have shed a few tears during that song….I cry EVERY time I go to a Musical.

Matt’s a trooper and really enjoyed it as well.  He knows the songs as also as I always have some sort of Andrew Lloyd Webber CD going in the car.

Then we went to Queens Court for a drink and it faces the back of the Confederation Centre, so we got to see ALL of the actors as they left the building after the show.  I had to really refrain from asking Mary for a picture.

Then we went for a walk down on the board walk before heading to supper.

We choose Gahan House…because I am a creature of habit and a lover of Gahan.

Supper was AMAZING. Mine:


And then back to Queens Court to listen to some live music.

And of course a stop at the Freak Lunchbox for some candy.

Sunday, WE SLEPT IN!  Matt until 9:30 and me 10:30.  GLORIOUS!

And headed to moms for lunch.  Matt left for home at about 3 and the girls and I stayed back.  We spent time swimming down by the dock, even with the tide out.

And then headed to Canoe Cove for a swim as well.  BEAUTIFUL beach, if you haven’t been- go!

And of course, I can’t go to PEI and NOT visit as least ONE of the five How Bazaar stores.

And Cows.

And the Candy store.

And then when we got home the next day, we dropped our bags and took off for a friends house.  She does Physio on Matt, even though she’s retired, because she’s the BEST physio and Matt desperately needs it.

So, since his competition is coming up and his shoulder has been flaring up, her and her husband invited us over for physio and a swim.

The girls and I swam

And Sharon and Matt did physio.

And Randy, Sharon’s husband, threw coins in the pool for the girls to fetch which they could have done for HOURS.  And he let them keep them….they were excited girls and decided to save it for PEI when we go to the candy store again, haha….just like mama!

And the HIGHLIGHT, Matt got in the pool.  Here are some pics, but there is a video on my instagram @blissfulbhaktibabe….you NEED to watch it, and…..you’re welcome hahaha.

The girls were soooooo excited, they just kept screaming, daddy, daddy, daddy.  And didn’t leave his side the whole time he was in the pool.  What a GREAT afternoon.

One downside….when we got home from PEI, we realized that our freezer door had been open the WHOLE weekend.  We have a stand up freezer, basically a fridge….so there was a LOT of food in it.  ALL gone….and what a MESS!  So, good news, freezer is clean and time to shop!

Ok, that’s quite the catch up, so I’m gonna leave it at that for today!  Have a fabulous TUESDAY!  A short week!  Hope everyone had a great long weekend.



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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