Helpful Fathers + Speech Therapy

Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!  The weather is hanging in there for our last few weeks of summer!  The girls are at camp centennial, like I had mentioned yesterday and having a blast.  And I FINISHED cleaning the garage, with the help of my amazing father, Leonard.  And it looks AMAZING.

I forgot to take a before, so you won’t really understand as it is STILL a garage and I find garages always look messy….but before…you could BARELY see any floor.  It was just cluttered and now it’s swept and cleaned and purged.  Our garage has three bikes, a hand cycle, an extra wheelchair, a rugby chair and enough parts and bike helmets for an entire Country.  So, it’s hard to keep it organized.  This is the after.

And my dad helped me hang the macrame pot holder I had made centuries ago.  I am not SUPER handy…and let’s face it, neither is Matt, so little things like this take MONTHS before they get done because we HATE asking for help (because we need too so often).

And he helped me hang the canoe paddle I made with my brother-in-law and a group of friends.  We made it with Owen, and he put his thumb print on the top of all the paddles.  Super special and I wanted it hung in my bedroom.  Nick made us all these neat hanging sets to help hang the canoes, I just hadn’t gotten around to hanging it- thanks Dad!

And of course, he noticed that our air exchanged needed to be cleaned so he helped with that before he left.  If it wasn’t for my dad, our house would fall apart!  Thanks dad!

So, having twins can be a tricky thing….as they are always being compared to one another. We try so hard not to, but we hear, “Oh she’s the _____ one, and she is good at _____” all the time.  And it’s hard not to compare things like height, weight, etc.  And in school, if one is catching on to something, you tend to worry about the one who seems not to get it.  Whereas with singletons, you never really know if they are behind or ahead as often.

One of ours was having issues with certain sounds with her speech.  Mainly the TH, and the R sounds and sometimes would mix up her prounouns- her instead of she, etc., now because the other one was not doing this we were acutely aware of the fact.

We brought it to the Kindergarten teacher’s attentions and she assured us that she was not behind and was right on target and that these sounds are tricky and often can take up to eight years old to get 100%.  But, she knew we were nervous so she sent the file off to the specialist. And we heard from her this week.

I just left the office with my little one.  We were there for an hour doing tests and games and man this speech therapist is AMAZING with kids.  She was just so kind and welcoming and made it so easy for my little one.  She had a blast, and did a really great job.  Even though she REALLY didn’t want to be there as she was missing Camp Centennial stuff.

And she passed with flying colours and doesn’t have to go back!  She basically said verbatim what their Kindergarten teacher said. So, that’s a relief and just nice to know!

So tonight we are going out for ice cream to celebrate!

We are so happy to have daddy home, last night we all climbed in bed and read stories together.  Some Amelia Bedelia and Mabel Murple.

Have a fabulous day folks and enjoy the beautiful sun!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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