Field Trips + Solo Yoga Session

Happy Thursday everyone!

Yesterday, I thought the girls were going to be with me, but they REALLY wanted to go to daycare as they were going on a fieldtrip to the Sackville Waterfowl Park.

They were SO excited to go. (Leah won’t stop wearing her East Coast Mermaid Shirt :)) And yes, Lily is wearing different shoes….don’t ask….it was a fight I wasn’t willing to fight!

They saw LOTS of ducks

And if you look close at this one, you can see a whole family of ducks following their mama.

They had a great time!  Thanks Sherri for sending these photos to me!

Leah thought these trees were BEAUTIFUL.

I decided to go to the gym after I dropped them off and get a workout in.  With this heat wave, it’s hard not to be drenched by the end.

I also got a 40 minute solo yoga session in.  It was WONDERFUL- I often do this at home, but I miss being able to do it in a studio. (I used to do a solo session either before or after I taught a class).  And then I played around.

After I got the girls, we came home to make supper.  We had invited my mom to come as we were having burgers on the BBQ and she LOVES burgers.

She is dog sitting, so she brought her friend Emma.  Emma has been around often and the girls were super excited to see her.

And my mom brought this wine and said only her and I could drink it, haha. (We are both left handed)

And then the neighborhood kids came by to play, and the girls ended up staying up late.  They started at our house and ended next door.

But when they came home, I asked them to help me clean up, and walked by to see Lily putting the cushions away, and Leah putting the umbrella down and tying it up.

Alright, that’s it for today!  A sweet and short post.  Not sure what we have going on today, I was planning on bringing the girls to Hopewell Rocks, but the weather doesn’t look like it will be cooperating today.  So, we will see.

Five Friday Favs tomorrow!

Have a great day.



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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