Buddha Bear Cafe and Brewery + Kegs and Legs + Farm visits + Purging

Ok, so I used to be a runner.  I LOVED running and did it daily.  I’ve done many half marathons, and one full.  However, when I trained for my full, there was a lot going on in my life and I also injured my IT band and lower back and had pain for a few years from it as I rehabilitated.  Since these injuries, combined with what was going on in life at the time happened at the same time as training, it kind of turned me off of running for a long time.

Then, as I spoke about earlier in my blog, I injured my achilles in China and it took a YEAR to recover from that. (it still acts up, like today for instance after a 45 minute run- but I do my exercises to keep it at bay)

So, running has only been a part of my life for the past few years as a form of staying in shape, and only on the treadmill.  No training has been involved.  But I recently started to miss it.  I follow some running blogs and as they train for races like the Boston Marathon, I really get runner’s envy but have been injured so nothing came from it.

HOWEVER, our community has put together a FUN run, called Riverview Kegs and Legs, here which is a 5km run in support of #PROKids Riverview which is a group dedicated to making recreational activities available to ALL kids. Great cause, fun run!  They are teamed up with Buddha Bear Coffee Roaster and Holy Whale Brewing Co. here .  So, if you sign up, you run 5km, and get a medal and a FREE beer!

What a FUN way to get my feet wet again with running!  I’m signing up, whose with me???

Ok, so yesterday the girls were off to daycare as they had an excursion and the girls were pretty excited about it.

They went to a farm and got to pet the animals.

They saw cows and were able to touch them.  As well as baby chicks.  Which they loved, but commented on how their “claws” hurt haha.

And goats.

And then they got to help pick the eggs from the hen house and were able to pick one to bring home.  Lily picked a BLUE one, and Leah a white one.

And then they had their best friends birthday party to go to.  Which they were BEYOND excited about.

They painted, had pizza, a chocolate fountain, and even a pinata.  Best part is- they are six now and this was a DROP off party!  I’ve never experienced this, so I was prepared to stay.  But no other parent was there, so I left.

And thought I’d go to Superstore, but on my way, I realized I didn’t NEED anything.  My house was too far to go there and get back….so I decided I would visit Buddha Bear Coffee Roaster and Holy Whale Brewing Co on the Riverview Boardwalk.  They have their restaurant in Alma, but they got a shipping container and placed it on the boardwalk.

And have a BEAUTIFUL set up that you can enjoy your beer and the river at the same time.

So, I enjoyed a beer, and ended up seeing some of my friends as well.  Katherine was walking her dog, so she stopped to chat.  And then my best friend Amy and her family were there (kids with ice cream, mom and dad enjoyed a beer).  I had NO idea she would be there, but it was so nice to catch up!

Then I went and picked up the girls and we stopped by my moms house on the way home.  They wanted me to show them how to make “fortunes” which I found out are these.

Does anyone remember making these as a kid?  I so enjoyed making them again and teaching the girls.  They had a blast and made some more this morning.

Today is a calm day.  It’s raining, and the girls are having a slow day and I’m CLEANING and purging.  I started yesterday with the girls room-

And also some cupboards and will continue today until the entire first floor is done.  I like the house to be completely organized by the end of summer before I head back to work.

Alright, that’s it for today!  Have a great Thursday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

2 thoughts on “Buddha Bear Cafe and Brewery + Kegs and Legs + Farm visits + Purging

  1. I think I might do the riverview kegs and legs! I’m not a big runner, but used to love it..and I love buddha bear 😉

    1. YES, do it with us! A friend, Krista, and Amy from down the street are going to do it together!

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