A good week + prepping for the year + memories + Five Friday Favs

Well, it’s finally Friday!!!  It’s been a fabulous week reconnecting with staff and having some really great professional development (maybe not ALL of them, but some were just incredible!).

And now I’m ready for my students and pumped to get the year started.

Thank you to all of you for welcoming Katie into this world and giving her the space to share her voice!  And what a wonderful, caring voice she has!  Thanks Katie for taking your time to express yourself….I hope you come back!

It’s been a busy week and we are just getting back in to the swing of things.  So, I picked up the girls and ran to Sobeys to pick up a few things for supper….when we ran into Nana and she invited us to supper!  SCORE!

So, we went and the girls played outside, and played dress up

And had a yummy supper!

And Lily played some piano.

And when we got home, daddy was prepping for a bike ride, so the girls hopped on theirs and we started it with him.

It was a good evening and the girls went to bed easily for me and then I settled in to continue The Outlanders.  I UNFORTUNATELY finished Downton Abbey and although I am still mourning it, I figured time to start another one for when Matt’s biking started up again.  I’m only one episode in and it seems interesting, but it is NOT Downton…..so, please tell me it’s worth continuing….!!!???

Five Friday Favs

1. This paint colour is going to be the new colour of our front door.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Our door is a burnt red colour now and I was never a fan….I NEVER wanted to paint it that colour but Matt really did so I went with it….but now that he’s not so concerned with it….I’m changing it to what I wanted haha.  Thoughts?  Yay or Nay?

2. This purse from How Bazaar in PEI.  They have their annual 50% off sale happening right now and my mom KNEW I wanted this purse all summer but was not willing to buy it, so once it was cheap….she got it for me!!!!  LOVE it.  You all NEED to check this store out!

3. OF COURSE, I had to add this BEAUTIFUL necklace from Sarah Jayne that I spoke about already this week!  The colour of this stone is AMAZING!  Almost matches my door colour!

4. So, this is cool!  Two moons in one sky.  Anyone see this??????

5. And finally, this!  Pizza made with cauliflower crust!  From Trader Joe’s.  Anyone try this?? Can anyone GET THIS from Trader Joe’s and SEND IT TO ME???????  PLEASE??????

And finally, this came up in my FB memories of the summer we all built canoe paddles with Owen.  How amazing was this period of time?  He is so missed.

Alright, have a great weekend!  Last one before students are back in school!



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4 thoughts on “A good week + prepping for the year + memories + Five Friday Favs

  1. OMG continue with Outlander and read all the books. I even slipped a quote from Jamie into our wedding vows!
    Trust me it is amazing!!

    1. I’m now ten episodes into the first season and I am LOOOOVING it, and I LOVE(d) James, but right now we are in a fight, because he just took the strap to Claire’s butt to punish her. And I know he “had” to because she put them in danger and it was expected of him from his clan, and it is 1746 but I’m still angry at him and not sure I can forgive him.

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