Weekend Update + Monday Mantra

Hi folks,

I hope everyone had an AMAZING long weekend!  And for those in Canada- HAPPY CANADA’S DAY!!!

We had an amazing weekend.  We got to have a quiet evening on Friday before we headed to the cottage.  We usually head down right after Matt is finished working Friday, but he had to bike so we only left on Saturday, early in the morning….after his Saturday bike ride.

Friday- I had an easy day.  My back was quite burnt so I laid low and continuously moisturized/aloe vera’d my back while cleaning the house and doing loads upon loads of laundry.

It was a day that I needed and I enjoyed it very much.  I watched THREE movies while I worked on house tasks.  I watched Moana, Matilda, and Maleficient.  All movies I’ve seen before, but my girls are not into movies right now and I’ve been really wanting to watch Moana, so it worked out perfectly.

The girls got home and showed me a dance they had learned at daycare….hahaha, they couldn’t remember the name but were quite shocked to learn that I ALSO know this dance.  Macarena!!!! (I have NO idea how to spell that!)

Macarena Dance!

Saturday morning, we did crafts and packed up for the cottage

and once Matt arrived home from biking we took off.

And someone napped.  This one can fall asleep ANYWHERE, any time!

When we arrived, the girls jumped out of the van and ran down the driveway.

Life is better at the cottage!

And then we went for a boat ride!

It was such a beautiful day, could not have asked for better weather- so we stopped and parked the boat and swam for quite awhile.

And had a nice long boat ride before heading back to the cottage- we were pretty much out for the entire day.

And then I got a little solo canoe ride in my 14 foot red Chestnut Canoe- my pride and joy.  And a little bit of fun on the paddle board as well.

Sunday- we went for a walk along the path in the woods.  We have two different spots, the one with the cottage on it and the land Matt and I have that we will someday build on as well. (this is the view from where our place will be)

This is the bridge that connects the two pieces of land.


And then we headed home around supper time, as we were having supper at my sisters house.  Her family took a trip last week and so they had us over to wish me a happy birthday.

This is what they got me- Rainbow Brite colouring book and a Harry Potter wallet- they know me well!

I’m actually really excited for this week as we are getting back into a routine.  The past week has been so, so much fun but as the first week of summer often is, it was insane.  Our lives were all over the place, and so routine is always nice to get back too.

The girls are in CAMP this week and that’s super exciting, and I’ve joined a new gym, so that will also be exciting.

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

Monday Mantra-

When things in your life are going well, enjoy it.  Don’t go looking for something better. Happiness happens when you appreciate what you have.

I LOVE this!  It kind of goes hand in hand with the whole “grass is greener on the either side- no it’s not, just water your OWN grass.”

It really struck a cord- as we can always quit on things, like jobs, relationships, etc., because we can always convince ourselves we aren’t happy or it isn’t perfect like it once was or like someone else’s.  OR, we can focus on HOW it IS good or makes us happy and nurture what we have instead of always searching.

What are your thoughts?

Alright- have a GREAT Monday!


Love Mel

Blissful Bhakti Babe


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