Wednesday Pose of the Day + Heat, Heat, Heat!

Happy hump day folks!  This weather is INSANE, but I am actually LOVING it!  I hope you are as well and are staying hydrated!

The girls are on their third day of camp and LOVING it.  Since it was so hot yesterday they got to spend almost three hours at the water park in Centennial- so they enjoyed that!

At the park, there were people from Dairy Queen giving out coupons and the girls each got one for a free mini Blizzard and there was a coupon for two hamburgers for $5.  They asked if we could get that for dinner, and since they spent the ENTIRE day running around, and it was too hot for me to want to cook- I gave in!

This was their FIRST experience with Blizzards, and let’s just say they will not want it to be their last.  Leah got Oreo, and Lily got Reece’s.

Then we spent some time outside swinging, while I made salad and Matt cooked up some steak on the BBQ.

And my mom stopped by and played Bingo with the girls.  Three times, once with her calling the words, and then once for each of the girls to have a turn.

They fell asleep quite quickly- THANKS CAMP!  And then Matt biked and I went down on the treadmill.  Enjoying the slower pace of this week after the craziness of last week!

Today, I got a great workout in at the gym, after dropping the girls off and now I’m getting ready to meet up with some work ladies for lunch.  We are trying the Buddha Cafe on Coverdale (I’ve had their coffee, but not food or Wholey Whale Beer so I will let you know how it goes)  Anyone else ever try the food there?

And another slow day after that as Matt has to bike and it’s HOT!

Enjoy the Day!!!!

Wednesday Pose of the Day- Half Moon!

Like most poses, you can get into this one several ways, most commonly by starting in a Warrior 2 pose – see Warrior 2 bind here or you can start in Tadasana.

I will show you both- starting with Warrior 2.

1. Begin in warrior 2 with the block by your top foot (you might not need a block, but I find it best to start with one to get a feel of the pose and then take it away if you’d like), and top hand.  For me, it was on my left side.

2. Grab the block and place it a few feet ahead of your left food- you will need to bend the back leg in order to place in ahead of you.

3.  Then begin to lift the back leg (the right leg) up as you straighten the left arm.  The left hand is connected to the block.  As you continue to lift the back leg and lean towards your left your left arm, your body and torso will follow.

4. Begin to contract the abdominal muscles here and open up the right hip, which in turn will open up the heart chakra and open up the chest. (you can see a difference between the above photo and the below with the hips, I’ve opened them up towards the camera below)

5. You should also be lengthening and straightening the front leg as well. So that both legs are straight and engaged and in a 90 degree open angle (or open even more so!) The foot that is in the air should be dorsi flexed.

6. If you comfortable and this is accessible to you, feel free to gaze up towards the sky and draw the right arm up towards the sky as well.

Note- that the belly should be engaged and the belly button is drawn in towards the spine.

And from Tadasana- begin at the top of your mat.

Then you begin to lift the back right leg as you drop the front left hand towards the block or floor.

And enter into Half Moon.

And you can use a block or the floor- like below in any of the three positions.





  • This pose really focuses on balance and stability
  • It also is good for circulation and will help prepare you for inversions.
  • It strengthens the core
  • And really strengthens both legs, arms and ankles

Alright!  That’s it for today- go enjoy that beautiful sun!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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