Thunderstorms + Campfires + Five Friday Favs!

I LOVE a good thunderstorm!  As I sit here typing this blog post, it is raining unbelievably hard out and thundering and it’s BEAUTIFUL!  Not to mention it’s good for the grass and plants!

My girls are at camp though and it’s always difficult to have camp when it is raining as there are SO many campers and little INSIDE space…but I’m sure they are figuring something out.  They usually do a camp-wide activity Friday afternoon, so it’s hard as that is usually pre-planned and bad weather sure can throw a curve ball into those plans….but they are pro’s -they will figure it out.

Last night was the girls first campfire of the summer.  They went to camp last year, but I don’t think they realized what camp is and was to our family.  This year they have more of an understanding and they are loving it.  They practiced really hard for their song, and then did a fabulous job.

I was surprised to see my sister and her daughter Claire there, and the girls were super excited about that!  Matt’s sister, Lauren came with us, and my dad and step mom came as well!  We had quite the cheering section!

A blurred pic of their group, as I only wanted to show Lily and Leah as I don’t know the other kids.

And a blurred pic of the entire camp doing “Sing your Way Home”- the song that I used to lead when I was director and it makes me tear up every time I hear it!

Vince doing story time- this was my FAVOURITE part of being director….I LOVED telling stories at campfire.

Leah in her costume

Lily eating a marshmallow (they usually roast marshmallows after campfire but couldn’t have a fire due to heat, so they just ate them, haha)

This is the girls with their counselors for the week, Ella and Kaydem.  I taught them both and adore them.  Super happy the girls got such great counselors for the week!

Lily getting tickled by Mel, another former student and one of my former student government kids.

The girls on the way home—we drove Lauren home, and then it was late and they were exhausted but still smiling 🙂

Five Friday Favs

1. I always try to take my vitamin D as I know it can help with mood, energy and depression, but I ALWAYS forget.  BUT, they came out with chewables, and I love the way they taste so now I always remember!

2. This show.  I am obsessed with England, and the Royal family and the history and this show has all three.  It.  Is.  So.  Good!  I watch while I do cardio- makes the time go by faster.

3. Nancy’s pool- I think this is going to make the summer MUUUUUCH more enjoyable!

4. Lululemon Align Pants- if you have NOT tried these pants….DON’T, unless you are 100% committed to purchasing a pair.  They feel like silk, and are soooo comfy and flattering.  They are high rise, which is all I wear now!  And they have a dip in the seam on the bum, which makes the  bum look good :).  The material is called “Naked” by Lululemon….because you FEEL naked wearing them!!!

Check them out here….drool

5. This sunset the other day.  The colours were just amazing!

Alright- that is it for this week! We are having a low-key’er weekend as the last two have been wonderful but busy.  We were in PEI and then at the cottage, so we are staying put.  We have an annual deck party at Alicia and Neils Saturday and then lots of family time!

Enjoy the weather!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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