Park + Dinner + Wednesday Pose of the Day

Good Wednesday Morning!

I had a busy day!  I try to book all of my appointments on the same day so my girls are at daycare and it doesn’t affect our off days.

Now- I have my important appointments- like the doctor appointments and such- and I DID have ONE of those today……

But, I also have my fun appointments, with Tina-

And my hair. (I had just gone to the gym beforehand)

And it’s all done with! I guess it was a mama treats herself day.  And now this weekend the girls and I get to have an amazing time in PEI!

After my appointments, I picked up the girls early- and then we went to a park.

They had so much fun,

and then we went to dinners at my moms.

Matt went biking with Dan- so we were by ourselves for the evening.

And the girls had a healthy supper- but dessert- what happens at Nana’s stays at Nana’s.

Wednesday Pose of the Day

Dragon Pose

This pose is really popular in Yin Yoga, and I will show you tilted Dragon next week as it allows you to go deeper into the pose.

The benefits of this pose are :

  • Helps stretch the hip flexors
  • Is an intense hip openor
  • helps prepare the body for the splits pose
  • Also helps stretch the IT band- so it is a really good stretch for runners and athletes in general

To begin:

Either begin in a warrior 2 leg position or in a deep lunge.  You will see the difference with my feet position in the two photos below.  The first is Warrior 2 leg position and the second is a deep lunge.

Then lift the outside hand (the hand that is on the outside of the two legs- in this case my left hand)

And begin to position it on the inside of the legs (so that both hands are on the inside of the two legs)

Then lower the right knee (or the back knee) down on to the floor.

And then allow the right foot to relax.  The toes and the face of the foot come on to the floor.

You are in dragon pose.  You can intensify the pose by lowering the arms down so that the forearms are on the ground and the legs are in a deep lunge.

You are now in the FIRST part of dragon lunge-the second part to come next week!

Alright- that’s it for today- Happy HUMP day folks!

I am teaching a private yoga session on the beach to some smoking hot ladies tomorrow-so stay tuned!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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