Monday Mantra + Weekend Update + Moms- I need advice!

Ok, so before I begin with my weekend update…..can I just say I adore my children….they are the loves of my life.  But….does summer time bring out the crazy in kids?  The inability to listen, hear, and behave like human beings?  Asking for a friend…….

Ok, phew, there….that’s out.

Other than that, we had a great weekend.  Friday consisted of my father and I driving from house to house looking at treadmills.  I have had my last Nordic track treadmill for 13 years, so it doesn’t owe me anything….except the last few times I’ve used it, it almost THREW me off!  So, I knew it was time for a new(er) one but didn’t want to fork out a few grand for it.  I’ve been patiently shopping on Kijiji and the market on FB for two months and had a couple I wanted to check out Friday.

I’m crazy, but kijiji shopping makes me nervous, so my dad said he’d come along 🙂 and we found one that is only six months old and used less than six times.  It was wonderful.  I ran on it Saturday and it works fabulously.

Saturday was my anniversary with Matt.  We have been married for 11 years, together for 15 and best friends for 17.  We did nothing hahaha.  Well, we said “Happy Anniversary” to each other.  That’s about it. BUT, we are going to PEI in two weekends to see Jesus Christ Superstar and have an evening by ourselves, so that’s our “celebration”

We then took the girls to Mosaiq down town. The Mosaiq Festival is Moncton’s annual multicultural festival and there are all sorts of activities and food, and songs and dances you can participate in and enjoy and experience.

To say the girls had a blast would be an understatement.

They got to experience so many cultures as well, which is phenomenal.

And they got to touch one of these guys, that they’ve been wanting to touch for YEARS!

And Matt spied this piece, fell in love, and bought it.  We got to meet the artist who is from the Congo and has a tremendous story.  So, it’s pretty awesome to be able to support people like this and support our community.

Here it is in the house.

The girls got to see dances.

And go into a teepee.

We all had a blast.

Then we got home and spent some time outside.  Matt actually transfered out of his chair and into a lawn chair where….you guessed it….he watched Tour de France.

As the girls played in the sprinkler.

And then we made supper.  Leah was super pumped to help make pizzas for her and Lily.

Sunday, we had Alfie’s 6th birthday.  He is seven days older than the girls and his mom, Alicia, and I have been friends for years.  And then, she ended up having twins a year later- crazy coincidence.

It was at the Aquatic Centre, so they had a great time swimming and playing in the water.

And Lily with her new love, Oscar.  Krista….we are in trouble lol

A pic of all five of them.  Friends since birth (they think they are cousins)

Got home, had supper, Leah watered the plants, and then they ran across the street to have an impromptu playdate with their friend Alice.

They went to bed fairly easy tonight, haha.

I think I will too!!!

Monday Mantra

This is how I’m feeling with my parenting skills right now.  Sometimes I worry that I’m not doing enough, or spending enough time on this or that or that I’m making the wrong decisions and screwing them up or not bringing them up the right way…’s so tough…hardest job in the world.  But I KNOW that I LOVE them enough and they KNOW I love them and I’m TRYING my hardest….and that’s ALL that I can do.

Advice would be appreciated 🙂

Have a GREAT Monday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe


2 thoughts on “Monday Mantra + Weekend Update + Moms- I need advice!

  1. No advice but definitely feel the same way(especially with my oldest I actually end up swearing and losing my shit at her when she pushes me the wrong way and then I spend the rest of the night feeling guilty and like a bad mom) and you are one of the parents I’d say are rocking it soo honestly feels good to hear you feel the same😉

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