Monday Mantra + Weekend Update

Another wicked weekend in the books!

We are part of the Moncton Multiples, and I had mentioned in Friday’s post and because of this we had a day at Magic Mountain.  It was such a blast and so neat to look around and see twins EVERYWHERE!

The girls woke up Saturday morning and were on their BEST behaviour, haha, as I think they were terrified that I would cancel the day had they not been.

We got there and they were so excited to go into the wave pool and so that’s where we began.

Then Leah wanted to try the slides, so up we went, and she went down with no hesitation….Lily on the other hand….chickened out.  So, I went down and she walked down to meet us at the bottom.  I knew she would do this as she’s more nervous with these things than Leah.  So, I did what all good moms do, and I bribed her.  Haha, don’t judge!  I told her if she went down a slide I would buy her ice cream.

I won!  And she loved it, and told EVERYONE she went down the big slide.  She was pretty proud of herself.

By far, the wave pool was the biggest hit though.  We went in almost every time they heard the noise indicating that the waves were coming.

And of course, we hit up the lazy river a few times as well.  They enjoyed that, but Leah thought it was a bit too “lazy” haha.  We were there for over four hours.

Then Matt picked us up and we headed to the cottage.  I think the girls has a good time…

When we got to the cottage, we celebrated Matt’s birthday, his mother’s birthday and the girls upcoming birthday.  We had cake, which the girls decorated.

And opened gifts.  The girls got tennis rackets from Nanny and Bampy and they practiced the whole time we were there.  They got pretty good too.

They also got journals, which they wrote their deepest, darkest secrets.  Pretty cute.

And of course we went on a boat ride.

And played in the water.

And played hop scotch.

And I went on my paddle board with the girls, carting them from one side of the river to the other.

It was a great weekend.  Matt and I got home around supper time last night so he could go for a bike ride.  And I had a visit with my dad, stepmom and mom.

The girls stayed at the cottage to have a bit of time with Nanny and Bampy.

Which means, tonight is DATE NIGHT!  Super excited!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  And are enjoying this gorgeous Monday.

Monday Mantra

This has been my motto for the summer.  I’m trying to live in the moment and enjoy as much time with my family and friends as I possibly can.  I’m trying to put my phone down more (except to take pictures) and be present.  And, so far, so good.  It’s been a fabulous summer.



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