Invisalign + Hikes + Bike Rides+ Wednesday Pose of the Day

Thanks for all the comments and support on my blog posts about parenting and all of the frustration that comes along with it.  Nice to know I’m not alone and that there is support out there.

I dropped the girls off at daycare yesterday and then headed to the gym to get a good workout in.  It was a hot day and I was drenched afterwards.

Then I had a dentist appointment.  I had braces when I was younger to make more room in my mouth in the hopes that it would obviously straighten my teeth and also prevent headaches.  I only had the braces for six months and it didn’t really help with the headaches haha.

So, after the girls were born, I lost my retainer and the teeth shifted a LOT.  And on the top there were two teeth in particular that were CONSTANTLY throbbing and it would cause headaches.  So, I went to see if I could get a retainer replacement and was told I’d need Invisalign first to correct the teeth that had shifted.  They wanted me to get them on top and bottom, but I was only getting pain in the top so I only got them for the top ones.

I was warned that it would be painful, but so far so good.  I didn’t even get a headache yesterday.  However, when I went to eat supper, I popped it out so I could eat, and one of the attachments popped off…….only THREE hours after it was put on.  So, that’s annoying and I will now have to go back to have it replaced.

After I got the Invisalign put on, I went to get the girls and we went for a hike.

Behind Gunningsville road is a BEAUTIFUL path that I didn’t even know existed until yesterday.  And it’s so close to our house.

We got home, ate a yummy supper and played outside for a bit once daddy came home from Halifax.

And went for a family bike ride which was SO fun.  We even had the Hamers come out and bike with us for a bit.  Bennett is the cutest child ever!

And ended the night with ice cream cones (really frozen yogurt) and cuddles.

Today, we are having a morning at home, where we will go downstairs and the girls will play while mommy gets a workout in.

Then we are going to visit Alicia’s family in Shediac.  They rented a trailer in a nice park by the beach and there is also a pool.  So, that should be fun!

Wednesday Pose of the Day

This is a really awesome pose/mini sequence that works to strengthen the thighs, glutes, hamstrings, calves and feet.  It also helps balance as well.  I LOVE incorporating this into my classes.

It is the yoga lunge with twists.

You can begin in Tadasana and step back into the lunge, or you can begin in Warrior 1 or 2, but I like to begin in a wide legged forward fold like below.

Then walk your hands over to one side (lets begin with the right) and place the hands on either side of the right foot, turning the foot to face the short edge of the mat.

The back foot begins to turn to the right side as well and the heel comes off the mat (into a lunge position)

Inhale as you lift the torso up (arms can go overhead like below)

Then draw hands down to heart centre and hold here for a few breaths….it’s ok if the legs are shaking, deep breathing can release the tension.  Make sure to have a deep lunge, but the knee should not surpass the toes in order to protect the joint.  Try to have the hamstring parallel to the floor.

***Torso is erect, not drawing forward, if you find you are drawing forward like below, then perhaps try having less space between your legs.

Then to twist we bring first the right elbow down upon the quad and twist the torso to the left.  You can gaze up towards the sky, or if you are having trouble with balance or that doesn’t feel good in the neck look straight ahead.

Keep it here for a few breaths.

Inhale back to centre and pause here for a few breaths.

Then when you are ready twist to the other side (which really is opening up the heart chakra)  Bring the left elbow down and twist the torso to the right.  Opening up the chest and again either gaze upwards or straight ahead. Staring here for a few breaths.

Inhale back to centre.

Exhale draw hands down to the earth on either side of the foot.

And then begin to walk hands back to the centre of your mat.  Feet point back to the long edge of your mat and you are now back to wide legged forward fold.  We are ready to now walk the hands to the left side and do the lunge all over again on the opposite side 🙂

Feel the burn!  I LOVE IT!

Give it a go on both sides and let me know your thoughts!

That’s it for today folks!

Have a happy hump day!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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