I’m BACK! + PEI girls trip!

Ok, so I didn’t MEAN to go dark Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but I was in PEI on a mini girls vacation with my mom and Lily and Leah.  And I found out (because I TOTALLY didn’t think of it prior to leaving) that I wouldn’t have wifi when I was there.

I was sad that I missed Monday Mantra, GratiTuesday and Wednesday Pose of the day, but I’m back!  And I had a GREAT time as did the girls.  It was a pretty epic trip in many ways.

We got up Saturday morning and I took off to get a workout in since I knew I’d be missing the gym Monday and Tuesday.  Then we packed up on were on the road by 10!

We got the PEI and checked out the beach immediately.

Then, my mom had set up a pool and toys for the girls- which they thoroughly enjoyed throughout our five days there.

Our second day, we got up and played in the pool right away for awhile.

Then we took off to get some Cows Ice Cream.

And the girls got a craft that they did immediately upon returning.

And I had bought these mini water balloons that are SO cool.  You can fill them all at the same time and they tie themselves.  So easy.

So we had a water balloon fight.

And then had supper- muscles, and shrimp with zucchini.

After the girls went to bed the camp next to my moms were shucking oysters.  I asked if I could try, and so I was taught how to shuck.  It was so much fun and I was addicted.  I love oysters but had never opened them myself before.

And campfires are a must!

The next day we got up early and went to fish some Quahogs, which taste essentially like muscles….only tastier.  You walk around and see if you can feel a bump under your foot.  Then you bend down and dig that bump and you will find Quahogs.

It.  Was.  So.  Much.  Fun.  The girls had a BLAST and you feel so accomplished when you find one.

Then we took off and had a day trip to Cavendish.  We stopped by the Toy Factory- if you’ve been to PEI much you probably know what I’m talking about.

It’s a pretty neat store with a variety of toys, and even oils and crystals.  And a lot of OLD fashioned toys from the 60’s and most are made of wood on the spot.  You can even explore the factory on the backside and see people making the toys.

And outside they have all these neat things to look at

And a fairy garden and path you can walk through.

Then it was off to the board walk where we ate fish and chips and explored.

They had a pretty fun day I think it’s safe to say!

When we got back, we had a bit more beach time and park time.

And then we cooked up the Quahogs and the girls LOVED them!  We also had more oysters and lobsters.  The girls tried everything and liked it all except Oysters.  I was proud of them.

And I bought myself my own shucker 😉

And since we love the Quahogs so much, we got up bright and early the following day and spend a few more hours digging for them down at the beach.

And then did a little trip to Charlottetown (it’s only about ten minutes away) to get some groceries.

The girls experienced their first escalator ride.  I almost peed myself laughing.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Elf with Will Ferrell and remember the scene where he kept trying to get on but chickening out and then eventually doing the splits….well that’s essentially what the girls did.

I did get a video, but it was of the second time, not the first.  So they were somewhat prepared.  We must have gone up and down the escalators about 8 times.


Before heading back to the cottage and washing cars.  The PEI red dust really makes the cars dirty.  And the girls were PUMPED to clean them.

Quahogs for dinner and then bed!

We wanted to get up at a good time and head home so the girls could get to daycare for at least noon.  Daycare was doing a day trip to Butterfly World and the girls did NOT want to miss it.

They had a great time!

Now, if you follow me on Facebook you will know (and if you’re a parent you will also know this) that even though family trips are a blast with lots of memories made….it makes for long, busy days and tired kids!  I posted this meme as at times, this is what it felt like 😉  They actually were amazing for the most part, but the last day and a half they were TIRED….and you could TELL!

Tomorrow should be a pretty tame day….full of laundry and cleaning from our trip.

What a BLAST this summer has been thus far!

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!

Almost the weekend!



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