GratiTuesday + Date Night!

So, I had a fabulous day!

Started by having breakfast with Matt….with HOT coffee!

Then, I took off and had a great, long, relaxing workout with no worries in the world.

Then I got home and showered….by myself with no one interrupting to ask questions.

Then, I ate lunch and watched two episodes of Downton Abbey- OBSESSED- I was totally born in the wrong era (except I’d probably be called a witch and be burned at the stake)

Then- I got dressed up!

And then Matt picked me up for date night.

We went to Tide and Boar and had a couple IPA Beers- yum and shared some polenta fries.

Then we walked down to the Keg for supper.

It was delicious!

We had a great night. (why can’t he take a normal picture???  Jerk, lol)

But don’t worry- the girls are CLEARLY missing us…….

They both learned to float on their backs- and were SUPER proud of themselves.

Then they went picking flowers and made their own bouquets.

Went swimming many times with Nanny and Bampy and had a picnic on the boat and ended the day with an afternoon snack on the boat as well.

They are DEFINITELY not missing us, and we enjoyed our time alone- but sure enough- topic of conversation at dinner was THE GIRLS….and I’m excited to have them home!


Today- I am thinking of TIME.  I am so grateful for the time my job allots for me to spend with my kids and family and to rejuvenate enough to make me EXCITED to go back to school each September.

By June, I am EXHAUSTED and spent and usually sick, and ready for a break.  And the summer gives me the time to just rest, and exercise and relax, and spend time with family.  And every September, I am just ITCHING to go back to work.

I know not everyone gets this amount of time, but TIME is something we can all be grateful for in many ways.  Whether it’s vacation time, or the amount of time we have in a lifetime with loved ones.  The time we have to spend on ourselves, to meditate, exercises, etc.  I am just so grateful for the time I’m given for all the things and people I love.

And really- I am grateful for my time with my children, but I am also grateful for my time without them.  My time ALONE, to focus on ME!  My time to spend with Matt, alone, my time to focus on regrowth with and without people in my life.

Time is a precious and magical thing.

And nothing makes time more magical than being PRESENT and in the moment.

Alright- that’s it for me for today folks!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

I am headed to Shediac for another private yoga session on the beach with some FABULOUS ladies!  Will tell you all about it tomorrow!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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