GratiTuesday + Beach time! + Mom Guilt- UGH!!!

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the comments and support from yesterday’s post.  Seems everyone is quite interested in those tear drop trailers.  I will keep you posted as we continue our quest to own one and to begin our life as campers post accident.  So exciting!

So, yesterday, I got back home from the gym and started to pack the girls and myself up for a beach day with my sister and her kids. We made lunches, and brought snacks and planned to be there for most of the afternoon.

Sondra, Claire and Wyatt came to pick us up and we all took off together.  It’s interesting, because I think the drive there and back was one of the best parts for them.  Each time we do road trips like this they LOVE the drives together.

We arrived, and they were super excited to start collecting “Herman” crabs, as Wyatt affectionately called them and to make a Herman Crab HOME.  They do this every time we go to the beach.  I’m not going to lie, I love it.

This was pretty fascinating though, because there were two big guys who were constantly attacking the other hermit crabs.  I’ve never seen anything like it before- I have a video of it on my instagram stories- go check it out @blissfulbhaktibabe

It was so much fun, because Sondra and I played with them because we WANTED too, but it was the first time that they could also play completely on their own and with each other and be content.  So, we also got to rest a bit and just chat and catch up.

When we weren’t pulling them around on their boogie boards!  We had a blast playing in the water.

We were there for close to four hours.  And lots of sunscreen was used, but poor Leah, we missed that area of her bum cheek that the bathing suit was covering, but must have moved throughout the day and one tiny area wasn’t properly protected.  It’s not bad, but a little red, and it wasn’t even bothering her, but the MOM GUILT came out hard core!  Ugh, I was so emotional because I felt so bad.  Anyone ever feel this way?  MAN!

But, all in all, they had a blast, and they fell asleep super easily and really early….so that’s a good sign of a fun day!

Matt didn’t have to bike last night, so we got to spend time together and watched Big Brother- we didn’t even know this had started, so we have lots of episodes to watch, which is kind of fun.  And he did dishes, and I did laundry, laundry, laundry.

And we had a late supper after the girls were in bed- we are crazy that way.

We are so wild.

Today, the girls are at daycare for a bit as I have a hair appointment and a doctor appointment.

Then I’m picking them up and we are having dinner at my mom’s.  Matt and our good friend, Dan, from camp, are going to meet up and go for a bike ride.  Dan is an amazing guy, who worked at Camp when Matt got hurt, and they are very, very similar in many ways.  They are both brilliant, and the sweetest guys you could ever meet.  He is also a biker, and just recently finished a triathlon.  So, I’m happy he has someone to bike with!  Makes it easier to know he’s on the road WITH someone.  He is sooo low to the ground and hard to see, I even came close to clipping him once and I KNEW he was out there!  So, I relax a bit more when he has a partner.

AND, we are trying to get a sitter to come watch the girls for a couple hours on Wednesday, so we can bike TOGETHER!  Fingers crossed.


Think about the concept of being grateful for experiencing disappointment, because experiencing disappointment allows us to figure out what matters the most in life. 

I saw something similar to this when I was reading an article in my Yoga magazine the other day, and it gave me chills.

It’s interesting to think that disappointment can serve us so well, by teaching so much.  It can teach us more about ourselves, or about those around us, or situations we are in.  Disappointment can also be your intuition screaming at you, letting you know that this situation/person/job/ etc., isn’t right for you.

I love this.  Because disappointment can hurt, and can be painful, but if you can look at it this way, thinking that the disappointment will pass, but what you take from it and what you choose to LEARN from it can stay with you forever, and make you a better person, and even send you down a better path-that’s pretty cool.

I’ve witnessed this first hand this year.  I was disappointed with a situation and a person in particular, but walking away from that situation and sitting with the disappointment, made me look at myself as well.  And ask, why am I disappointed?  And what can I do about it?  And I started making better, healthier decisions for ME.  And not necessarily what I thought people wanted from me or what I HAD to do.  And I grew as a person, and more opportunities presented themselves to me, and healthy, wonderful, new relationships opened up to me.  And I’m a better person because of my disappointment.

Pretty awesome stuff to think about!

Let me know your thoughts!

Until tomorrow,



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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