Family Dinner + Supporting Local Businesses + Funny kid story


Yesterday, we were EXTREMELY late for daycare.   I got home from the gym and Matt said they could not find the girls underwear.

I was confused?  What do you mean you can’t find the girls underwear?  Did you check the underwear drawer?  Of course he did and there were NONE there.  He checked the dryer and nothing was in there and they searched the house (sometimes if we have people coming over and I have a basket I haven’t yet folded, I will tuck it into my closet until I can get to folding it) but I had done all of the laundry and had put it all away already.

So, I thought maybe I had grabbed shirts with the pile of underwear underneath it when putting clothes away.  I searched all the drawers in between clothes.

We asked the girls if they had hidden them (Leah HATES wearing underwear for some reason) but Lily vehemently denied that and said she would NEVER do anything of the sort.

I got them to help us search again, and Leah went into her closet, and said, “Look Mommy, all you had to do was lift this dress in the corner, they were underneath!”

She had hidden them, and had FORGOTTEN about it until she started to look with us and then REMEMBERED what she had done but was too scared to tell us so she made it look like she had miraculously found them!!!

That was our morning, and Matt was late for work….and his excuse?  My child hid her entire underwear drawer and we couldn’t find them…..gotta love kids. 🙂

Anyway, I got in a great workout and looked like a piece of bubble gum while doing so.  Which made me so happy, I smiled every time I saw the colour combo, haha. And I was repping Kissing Rocks Kombucha.

And then I was on the hunt for a treadmill.  Mine broke down about a month ago 🙁 and I had had it for over 15 years.  (It was with me when I lived with my parents) So, I got money for my birthday and I’ve been looking on kijiji for one ever since.  I thought I had found it, but after going to visit it yesterday, it was NOT what I was expecting.  And the others I’ve looked at have fallen through- one lady sold it before I got to see it, the other decided after I said yes, that she wanted to keep it, etc)

But I’m going to look at two more today, so fingers crossed!

I also did groceries and a bit of meal prep.  So yesterday was a pretty productive day.

Not to mention my dad and stepmom invited us over for supper.  Leah had told them she wanted to come for supper some day and have pancakes and apple pie.  So, that’s what they made.  Homemade apple pie, pancakes, sausages and bacon.

They also had a homemade greek salad that was divine.

And another homemade salad with tons of fixings, including spiraled zucchini.  It was amazing.

The girls got to play

And Matt got to watch Tour de France.

And I got a coffee with froth made in the bullet.

Everyone was happy 🙂

Especially Matt, as Lily got up from playing and sat down on the couch to watch BIKING!  So, looks like Matt got one 😉 he’s still working on Leah.

And bonus- they gave us the leftover pancakes, bacon and sausage for breakfast today.

Five Friday Favs

1. I got to go to PEI recently, where my FAVOURITE store is- How Bazaar.  This store sells jewelry like Malas and pieces with Ahimsa signs, etc.  And clothes that I just LOVE.  My sister calls it the “hippie” store and I suppose she could be right.  And I got these two dresses there.  It was buy one get one 50%, so I got it in black and in this fun pattern.


2. Also- I got these headband buffs which are AMAZING for summer, as my hair is short, but I can fit it into a ponytail and not worry about any pieces falling out.

3. I got this new hat from Camp Centennial- another staple for summer and representing my first love – camp.

4. And a girlfriend of mine started a business, called StrongHer.  It is a boot camp and she’s super fit so I wish I could go, but she lives far away.  So, I thought I’d support by buying this hat.

5. And yep, another hat- this was OF COURSE I need to rep, KRK all day!

I set for the summer….I never have to wash my hair hahaha.

Alright, that’s it for this week, back on Monday with Monday Mantra!

Wish me luck on my treadmill search!



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