Epic Girls Day!

Oh my gosh, well, we had QUITE the day!

It was a total girls day, as Matt had to bike early in the morning and he worked until 9pm.

So, I took the girls downstairs to play with toys while I got a workout in and then we took off for the dentist so I could get my attachment replaced.  I WISHED I had had my camera on my so I could have taken pics of the girls from my view.  I was obviously horizontal and all I could see was these cute little faces looking down on my mouth as they asked the dentist NUMEROUS questions.  I would have gotten them to sit back down but since there were tools in my mouth I couldn’t say ANYTHING.  But they were curious, and inquisitive but very polite and well behaved.  Haha.

Then, we took off for Shediac to visit the Hockings/Staffords.  As I had mentioned yesterday, they had rented a trailer in a park with a BEAUTIFUL park and a BEAUTIFUL pool.

The kids had a great time.

How neat is it that we both have sets of twins???

When we left, we went to Caesley’s Park in Riverview for the Riverview Market.  They have concerts there every week and this week they also added the Market people.

And since two of my girlfriends were there with their stuff, we went to represent and to support local businesses. Kissing Rocks Kombucha and Sandy Toes Shop aka The East Coast Mermaid gal.

And I got a KRK (Kissing Rocks Kombucha) Growler!  How cool are these?  And they are only $2 empty and you can bring them to any KRK suppliers and fill them cheaply!?  So cool.

And Leah got a East Coast Mermaid T-shirt.

And I got a tank top- Homeward Bound from Sandy Toes shop.

And then I thought, hey, Matt is working LATE again, and there is a heat wave and this gal doesn’t wanna cook…..so lets go eat out.

So, we went to Five Bridges, the Riverview Pub.  The girls (who had a poutine in PEI for the FIRST time, requested that) and I got a veggie wrap.

Then, they found out there was to be a singer….and they REALLY wanted to stay to see that.  So, we did.  And they had a blast….and Leah rocked out.

Then it was home for a quick cuddle and bed time.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day…so it will be a clean house day and a Costco run kind of a day and maybe a trip to the library with my sister and her kids….if we can make it work.

And hopefully there will be cuddles and a fort, and maybe a movie in there as well.

Almost Friday folks!!!!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

3 thoughts on “Epic Girls Day!

  1. Loving your blog. I work with Matt at Tango. I’m now obsessed to follow you to keep me sane!! Good to know there’s other honest mommas out there that have struggling days! Thanks!!!!

    1. Thanks so much for following! Can’t wait to meet Matt’s Tango family- he speaks so kindly of all of you!

  2. Thank you so much for coming by and picking up some mermaid and homard swag 🙂

    So excited for our next yoga by the beach next week!

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