Epic Bike Ride + TOO much cardio + Cuteness

It was an easy hump day over here!

I got to sleep in (well, until 7:15) and then got up and got breakfast ready for everyone.

Matt took off and drove the girls to daycare.  They were really excited to go, as they were going on an outing to a park to have a picnic.  They went to a park that has a zipline and Lily was really excited that she could go on it easily, even without being on her tip toes.

I went to the gym, and since my gym partner was away, it was just a cardio day.  I LOVE doing cardio right now, as I’m OBSESSED with The Crown,

and only allow myself to watch it while I’m doing cardio.  So, I did TWO HOURS of cardio as I was so enthralled.

Let’s just say, I was tired.  And went home to have lunch and since Matt was working from home, we got to eat together.  Where he announced that he had set up a babysitter to come watch the girls for a bit so we could go for a bike ride after supper……….

Ok random thought here- but when listening to the news lately, when they speak of Megan Markle, they all make fun of how apparently she has adopted an English accent since marrying into the Royal family.  They call it the “Madonna” as she also got a British accent when she married Guy.  However, I don’t blame her.  It’s almost HARD not to start speaking that way when you are around it all the time.  Because it sounds better and is more proper than the slang way we tend to speak.  As I watch the Crown more and more, I find myself THINKING in an English accent, haha, which I find HILARIOUS.  Even as I type this, I’m speaking British in my mind.  I don’t dare do it out loud, because I’d butcher it, but in my mind, my British accent is ON POINT!  Haha, random thought done.

So, I used the rest of the afternoon to rest up and fuel my body as I was exhausted from the morning workout and I knew Matt would put me through a tough second workout after supper.

Matt’s mom came by to watch the girls.  And we all started together. She took them for a bike/walk around the block, so Matt and I joined them around the block and then continued on.

And Denise tried to take a pic of just Matt and I- but if you look in the distance, you can see Lily has noticed, and has jumped off of her bike and is RUNNING to get in to the picture with us.

And off we went.

First duo bike ride of the season- we usually try to get out as often as we can, but since I was in China last summer, it’s been awhile.

It was so, so much fun.  More fun than I had anticipated.  And the Riverfront path is stunning, and goes on much further than I thought it had.

I should have known though, Matt said HE needed to go for two hours, but he would drop me off an hour in and then continue on his own.  But, he didn’t.  And I ended up doing a two hour bike ride.   It was an awesome, fun workout though.  We also ended up biking RIGHT though Festival Inspire, and saw a lot of colourful folk, as it was right after the colour dance.  It was pretty neat.  If Matt could get out of his bike, we would have stopped and joined in on the fun.

I ended up doing FOUR hours of cardio yesterday though, and was pretty tired afterwards!  Wow.

Certain parts of my body are not liking me today.  I need a better seat!  Haha.

Today, I got a great workout in as my partner is back and in the afternoon I’m heading to Shediac to run a private yoga session for some ladies.  It should be fun, and the weather is looking perfect for it!

And cuteness- as I was writing my blog- Lily said she wanted to type as well.  So I gave her a chance.  She said, “look at my blog post, mommy.”  Ha, I LOVE it! ***It says “I like my mommy, she is the best”

Stay tuned for Five Friday Favs tomorrow!

Have a great day!



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