Dinosaurs + Dirty Kids + GratiTuesday!

Good Tuesday morning!

The girls had their first day at Camp Centennial yesterday and I think it’s safe to say they had a GREAT time!

This was them as we drove to camp, and once I dropped them off.

I stayed to watch the camp opening, where the camp directors come out and yell, “opening” and all the groups come out to sing O’Canada as loudly as they can.  The winning group gets to hang the beaver tall (the end of a canoe paddle) in their cabin for the day.  AND….the Munchkins won (the girls group).  So, that’s an exciting way for them to start their week.

And this was them when I picked them up…..I think they will sleep well tonight!  They were so tired, hungry and CRANKY.  Every time I tried to take a cranky pic, Lily would notice and perk up and smile, haha….so I snuck one to show how tired they were.

Since it was Canada Day, Matt had a vacation day yesterday, so we loaded him up on his bike before I drove the girls to camp.  He took off for a three hour bike ride and I took off to the gym to get a workout in.

Then we met up and had a date at Starbucks.  Where I got some blogging done, and he got some work done.

I got a Starbucks gift card for Mother’s Day- so I treated him to a coffee and a treat.

It was a nice little date.  And we finished it off with a walk downtown

And picked up supper from Freshii’s.

Then we were off to got the girls and BATHED them as they were filthy from camp…..which is AWESOME!

And we had supper and then my mom came by.  She was babysitting for us yesterday as Matt and I were going to the movies- JURASSIC PARK!  This came out right around my birthday but I promised my sister I would wait for her to get home to go see it with her.  We have seen all of them together and are both OBSESSED….our husbands just put up with it to make us happy.

This was us in 2015 when Jurassic World came out- we are nerds

And we were really excited to see this new edition- which ends off by somewhat implying there will be a 6th!!!  Whoop Whoop!

It was amazing, not as good as the 4th (or obviously the first, because it’s the first, but it was good).  I LOVE Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in these movies, so it was enjoyable.  It was in 3D though, and I couldn’t sit still, I was sitting up, down, holding on to Matt, holding my legs, etc.  These movies are action packed and don’t stop giving you heart attacks from the moment they start!

I forgot to get a pic with Sondra- so it’s just me, haha.


Today, for GratiTuesday, I thought I would do a list of things I’m grateful for in the moment.

1. The sun and warmth of summer and the vitality it gives me.  I am so grateful for summer as it tends to bring out the happiness in everyone and people are out more!

2. Coffee Dates with my husband.

3. Gym Dates with my bestie.  The gym makes me feel alive and feel strong and for that I’m grateful.

4. Lupins- enough said.

5. I’m so grateful for my health and the health of those around me.

6. I’m so grateful my children have amazing opportunities- like our cottage, mom’s place in PEI, etc., and get to experience so much.

7. I’m grateful for all of the people in my children’s life that help to bring them up in a healthy environment.

8. Camp Centennial- that it continues to give to me and my family, even after years and years!  It gave me my best friends, my soulmate, a community, an amazing mentor who has given so much to so many people, and amazing memories.  Can’t wait to see what it gives to Lily and Leah.

9. The smell of freshly cut grass.

10. That I’m done gardening for awhile! Ha!

And so much more- but that’s it for today!

Lists are such a great, and quick way to help us understand what we are grateful for.  It can also be a way to meditate- by making lists for certain things and there is nothing better than thinking of things to be grateful for. It is an activitiy I do with my yoga students, and I also do it with my grade 9’s during the poetry unit- where they turn their list into a poem.  A neat little activitiy that they really end up enjoying and also enjoy sharing.

I encourage you to make a list today of things in your life you are grateful for.  Would love to hear about it!



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