China Anniversary! + Pool Time!

I am LOVING this weather!  I hear people complaining, and I’m like NOPE, loving it and enjoying it.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the breaks in air conditioning, but this is SUMMER weather!

And it comes with perfect timing.  TODAY is my China anniversary….last year today I was on a plane heading across the world to begin one of the most amazing experiences.  And to face the hottest weather I’ve ever encountered!

I am so grateful for that experience.  I met some AMAZING people, who I still keep in touch with and get together with.  I call them my adopted children, and Olivia and I got together earlier this year when Matt and I were in Montreal.  And I’m getting together with the rest of my children next week.

We were in China for a month and although I missed me family dearly, it was incredible.  The food, sights, people and weather were amazing.  I’d go back in a heart beat!

We went to a park where Monkey’s roamed free….you have to be careful or they will attack you.

Terracotta Warriors

Hong Kong <3

I am grateful for a more relaxing summer this year, and spending lots of time with my children, but looking through these photos makes me want to travel!!!  I just LOVE travelling, and I miss China for sure!

Yesterday was just as beautiful as today is and after I dropped the girls off at camp I hit up the gym.

Got a good workout in and then I met up with some of my work friends.  We wanted to go to Buddha Cafe and have some of the Holy Beer there, but it only opens at four! 🙁 So, we went to Five Bridges instead.  It was so nice catching up and we plan on getting together throughout the summer to keep in touch before school starts up in September.

I went to pick up the girls from Camp, and Nancy Tingley (an amazing teacher who I worked with until she retired) came up and invited us to her pool.  I thought the girls were going to be too tired, but then thought, ah what the heck, they are going to be tired and home waiting for supper time anyway, might as well have fun AND cool down!

And surprise, my cousin and her kids were there too!

The kids had a BLAST!  And the big kids really took care of the little kids and pushed them around on floats and Taylor and Mia even convince my kids to jump off the diving board!  So exciting!

It was the perfect way to end the day, and my kids said it was their favourite part of the day, haha!  THANKS NANCY!!!

Got home, and had a delicious healthy supper because tonight is CAMPFIRE night!  Which means the kids stay at camp and eat hotdogs and burgers for supper and then the parents come to watch them perform their skits/dances/songs, etc., at campfire.

The girls have been practicing theirs, and it’s so stinking cute!  I can’t wait!

Alright- enjoy the sun guys and see you tomorrow!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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