Beach Yoga <3 with KRK + Festival Inspire Murals + Five Friday Favs- Meme Edition

Hello beautiful people,

It.  Is.  Friday!  And it’s looking like it’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL day!

I am excited, as the girls and I are going to Nancy’s pool this afternoon and we are spending the morning packing and prepping for PEI!

We are headed to my mom’s summer place in PEI, for four nights and five days and the girls are so pumped!  We have a lot of fun stuff planned for them, and I will tell you all about it on Monday!

And then, this evening, I am going out for supper with some of my kids that went to China with me.  I’m excited to see them and catch up!

Yesterday was such an incredible day.  You know those days, where you have something you have to do, and you’re looking forward to it, but it ends up being so much better than you had anticipated?  Well, that’s what yoga on the beach was for me! (and hopefully the rest of the folks)

We went to my friends cottage, Elsa, (and Tina’s is right beside it essentially) with seven amazing ladies and set up for yoga on the deck overseeing the beach.

When we got there -Tina and Elsa surprised us all with Kissing Rocks Kombucha Tanks.  They began a business of making local kombucha, because they had been doing it for a few years for themselves and for some of us people around them and we all loved it.  So, they thought, why not sell it at the market?  And, then boom, company after company (St. James Gate, Sequoia Dieppe, Dolma Food, Revivd Juice Bar and Saint John’s Vegolution) all jumped on board and wanted them in their restaurants/businesses.  They are booming and it’s really exciting to see.

We did about an hour of yoga and then 15 minutes of meditation/savasana.

And then played around for a bit.

AND then went inside where the girls popped open some champagne and treated us to some #champbucha.

What an amazing group of women.

It was a beautiful afternoon.

Then, I picked up the girls and Lily was QUITE excited to show me the new art wall in Riverview.  She actually gave me directions and figured it out on her own.  So impressive.

I LOVE these murals that Festival Inspire brings to our city every year.  It makes everything so colourful and pretty.

Five Friday Favs- MEME edition

I don’t know about you, maybe it’s just me, but MEME’s CRACK me up!  I mean, they literally make me laugh out loud, not LOL, but literally LAUGH OUT LOUD.  Maybe I enjoy them too much….maybe I should look into that on a deep level, haha, but really I don’t care.  Because I get so much joy out of them.  So, here are five that really “Spoke” to me this week.

1. This is ME (and my sister) to a T!  There is no one I look up to more. 🙂

I mean, I am surprised by the level of love I have when I look at these dinosaurs- especially Blue (the Raptor)

2. I try- I promise I try….my BEST, lol.

3. Also me, and my sister, to a T!  We both get ezcema and there is only ONE chap stick we can use that tames it and doesn’t make it flare.  We have to order it ONLINE, so if we lose one….our lives are out of whack! (Right Sondra???)

4.  I guess I can also add headband as well as hats (during summer time)

5. And….as an English teacher….well….this is PERFECTION!

That is all for this week folks!

Have an AMAZING weekend!

See you Monday,



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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