YOU are all AMAZING+ Five Friday Favs!

Happy Friday folks!

First of all, I want to say THANK you so, so much for the support and kind words from yesterday’s post.  So many of you messaged or emailed me either offering encouragement, tips or thanking me for sharing my story as it hit home or helped you in some way.  THAT was humbling and amazing.

I’m not gonna lie, it was hard to put that number out there in the universe.  I was not looking forward to it, but thought to heck with it and I’m happy I did.

It was pretty incredible what sharing my story did and the messages I got were pretty awesome- you guys are pretty awesome.  I even had a past student, who is struggling with some issues, reach out and tell me she really connected with the post and it helped her realize that she can get better???  Wow??  No idea how, but I’m glad it helped!

So THANK YOU- for all of your support and kind words! xoxo

Also, it’s FRIDAY!!!!! And I’m DONE MARKING!!!!  Now, today will be spent inputting marks and comments and starting to put away all of my files and finishing up my SEP’s. (specialized education plans)

And I am also pumped because we have a VERY chill weekend.  It’s Father’s Day weekend and so on Saturday evening we are going to my dads house to have supper and spend time there.  And then Sunday, we will spend the day spoiling Matt, as he leaves MONDAY for the ENTIRE week for Nationals.  I am so, so sad as I ALWAYS go with him for this but it’s usually a full week later than it is this year and I can’t take the time off to go.  So, I will be routing him on from afar.

After last weekend, with girls night on Friday, and family reunion on Saturday, a calmer weekend is NEEDED and I am so excited for it.

One of my girlfriends has her bridal party Saturday, but unfortunately I have to miss it as it’s the only time we can celebrate Father’s Day with my dad.

Last night, I went and got the girls and we went to Tims to get them a grilled cheese sandwich (they split it) before swimming.  I was going to stop in at Superstore and get groceries, but it was just raining so hard that we decided to go straight home.

We got home and prepped lunch and coffee for today and then ate supper and got ready for swimming.  We were so early, that I popped downstairs and went for a 30 minute run while the girls played around me.

And then, we took off to go swimming. On the way there, they read in the backseat.  EVERY time we get in the car, they open a book.  I LOVE it.  And last night, they were even sounding out the words.  Leah said, “mommy, I can’t even help it.  Every time I see a word, I just start sounding it out!”

They were SO proud of themselves.  Lily JUMPED into the pool TWO times (she’s been timid) and Leah floated on her belly with no life jacket and no help from the instructor.  Look at those smiles.

***And yes, I put them in PJ’s after swim class even though NO on else does….because it saves time!!!!  Why put them in clothes, just to get home to change again????

Matt says my outfit was “over the top” for swimming lessons….I say, screw that!

After swimming, the girls and I went to visit Nana.  She’s off to PEI this weekend, so we went to see her before she leaves.  The girls were excited, as they knew Nana would have something yummy for them to eat.  They went STRAIGHT for her treat DRAWER!  I have NO idea how she has this in her house and doesn’t eat it all!  I could with MOST chocolate, or chips….but NOT candy or Reece Peanut Butter Cups!!!!

Matt only had to bike for 30 minutes so he stayed home from swim lessons and got that in, then we got to spend some time TOGETHER!!

This is usually the hardest time of year as he’s in peak biking season and we don’t get to spend much time together during the week.  It’s tough and we often need to re-charge afterwards to reconnect, but it’s worth it because he’s excelling and it makes him happy.

Five Friday Favs!

1. Leah has had her eye on these three pictures from the DollarStore for THREE months.  We go there OFTEN for crafts, as the girls go through craft supplies faster than I go through a jar of peanut butter!  So, when we went this past weekend, I finally let her get them and we hung them up.  Matt is NOT impressed with having dollar store art up (as he LOVES and prides himself on the art we have in the house) but the girls are ecstatic, so TOO bad Matt!

2. These Greek Yogurts are a really healthy QUICK, go- to meal when you are in a rush.  We always have them on hand, just in case….and these ones are new.  And a special edition- grapefruit, but they are AMAZING! Yum!

These are the ones we usually get- also amazing.

3. My uncle put these together for our family reunion last weekend.  My grandfather was an avid photographer and we had HUNDREDS of pictures on slides, and my uncle collected them all and got them put on DVD’s for everyone.  We had them playing on the TV throughout the evening of the reunion and it was SO fun seeing all my aunts and uncles and great aunt and uncles and grandparents when they were younger.

4. Ok, we have been having salads every night FOR or WITH supper.  Last night, we made a yummy salad with ALL of the fixings and then put THIS on top as the dressing.  It.  Was.  Delicious- Costco- go get it!

5. When you tell the kids to come PREPARED for their exams….and they show up 8 pencils! <3

And this morning, the girls came in and wanted to do their make up while Mommy was getting ready.  I gave them some eye shadow and they did a great job!  Leah kept saying, “the key is to blend the colours Lily” Haha????  What???? Where does she get this from???  She did a better job than I do!

Alright, that is IT for now folks!  Have an AMAZING weekend and see you Monday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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