Weekend Update + Monday Mantra

Wow!  What a whirlwind weekend!  We had an absolute BLAST, but I am looking forward to a more chill, relaxed weekend coming up.

Good morning lovelies, I hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready for an excellent week ahead!  I sure am.  It is exam week for the high school students and so I’m just gearing up for a fun week of marking exams and essays before report cards come out.  Yay….haha.

This past weekend, as I mentioned was a fun, but BUSY one!

On Friday, I had some of my closest ladies over.  It was Krystle’s last weekend without baby- she goes in Friday to deliver- and she wanted to celebrate.  So, we did just that.

It was such a great way to start out the weekend, and even though it rained earlier on in the day, it stopped just long enough for us to spend some time outside on the patio.  My sister was there and so bonus, I got to spend time with her TWO times this weekend!

And eat some yummy food!  Bonnie made a FIVE cheese dip….which was incredible and addictive!

The next day we got up and had breakfast outside as it was beautiful out.

And we played outside right up until it was time for gymnastics.

Bonnie brought over some necklaces she no longer wanted, and the girls are wearing them with their pj’s in this picture….pretty sure they wore them ALL weekend and didn’t take them off!

I was lucky, because I had missed a gym day this past week because awards night went later than I thought it would Tuesday night, so I slept in Wednesday.  But Matt took the girls to gymnastics so I could get a workout in.

Saturday night we had our annual family reunion with my mom’s side of the family.  The girls were SO excited as it meant their cousins were coming over and they would also be getting lots of treats. Haha!

And I was excited because my uncle brings enough lobster for everyone to have two, sometimes three!  So, it was a GOOD night!!!

And my other uncle is a chef….so he preps them for us and makes them easy to eat.  He also wore his chef hat and shirt, and of course….lobster socks!

It is such a fun evening and really nice to see everyone.

And of course, Uncle Nick was there, so the kids were excited and swarmed him for turns to be swung around and upside down.

Sunday was a chill day.  We spent it grocery shopping and food prepping and showering.  It was nice and relaxing.

We also got some family time in and read some books.

And the perk to hosting all the parties???  Leftovers!!!

This week is essentially low key with exams and marking and Matt has lots of biking he has to do.  And then he takes off for Nationals.  I usually go with him and we were planning on taking the girls this year, but it is a week earlier than usual and I can’t miss graduation and prom so he is going without us.

I’m sad I’m missing it, but glad he can still make it work even though I won’t be with him.

Monday Mantra!

This one is so crucial and important in the world we are living in:

It actually worries me sometimes when I notice my students doing this and then really struggling with their own self worth.  They think they aren’t pretty enough, or good enough and popular enough based on someone’s highlight reels.

I am hopeful though, as I follow a lot of fitness Instagram “celebrities” and more and more of them and showing “real” photos.  They aren’t posing anymore, and they are slamming the world of fitness Instagram models and how we need to be aware that young girls are looking at how they are posing, what they are doing, etc., and modelling themselves after these people and their highlight reels.  It can be a scary world when we see the internet’s idea of perfection, and even knowing it’s not real, trying to live up to it or re-create those photos when it really isn’t possible for most people.  And it shouldn’t be something we value anyway.

We should value how our own self worth.  And value our intentions and who we are as people.

Hopefully we can continue to move away from valuing looks and what we think to be perfection.  I see more and more people in my community turning to injections, plastic surgery, etc., at such a young age, chasing that ideal and it scares me for my own children and the generations to come.  If it is turning into such a norm, then what will it be like for them when they are our age?

It is hard to get away from the judgement though, if you are not trying to be the norm.  What are your thoughts?

Food for thought.

Alright- happy Monday folks!



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