Weekend Update + Father’s Day Shenanigans + Monday Mantra

Good Monday morning everyone!

I hope you all had a restful weekend and spoiled the father figures in your life!  We sure did!

Friday evening we got home and just played outside until bedtime.  I had gone out with my staff to celebrate the last day of exams and so Matt picked the girls up.  I did groceries before getting home and when I was putting them away, the girls asked if they could scooter down to Amy’s (she lives at the end of the cul-du-sac) so I said yes as long as they stayed on the side of the road.  It was the beginning of a new era for us.  They are up and down the street now visiting their friends ALL by themselves!  I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know WHY I was so emotional, but I cried.

Then Saturday we got up and the girls and I did some gardening.  They LOVED helping and whenever we found worms, they got SUPER excited and picked them up and named them.  They LOVE worms???  I was edging the garden, so we found lots of them.

After gymnastics, we made bracelets and hair clips with beads:

And then the girls helped Matt get into his bike so he could go for a training ride.

I got the gym in and then we took off for my dads for Father’s Day supper.  He’s lost 70lbs, and needs a new summer wardrobe so we got him Mark’s Work Wearhouse cards so he can shop.

Dinner was DELICIOUS, lasagna, an Indian SPICY dish, and two types of salads.

And of course, the cousins had a good time playing.

Sunday was just such an amazing day.  The girls got up and let daddy sleep in.  This was EXTREMELY hard for the girls as they were SUPER excited to give him his gift.  Lily got him a razor (his had just broke) and a beard brush and Leah got him a biking BUFF, biking GU’s, and new bike gear.

When he woke, we brought him breakfast in bed and got him to open up his gifts, and the 18 cards that the girls had made for them.  Haha, they LOVE crafts.

After lunch- YUM!

We went grocery shopping and Lily brought her own shopping list

On the list: food, cookie, glue, stapler and tape.  They wanted to make books.

And the Tidal Bore was happening on the way home so we parked and watched.  The girls were amazed!

The boardwalk in Riverview is such a gorgeous place.

And we got home and got back to gardening.  They helped but only for about 30 minutes before their friend came by and they were off playing for the rest of the day.

That evening we had Matt’s father over for dinner for Father’s Day.

And when we went to check on the girls in the evening, this is what we found….who sleeps like this???

And Lily snuggling Froggy.

This morning, I got home from the gym to a little Ducky and Froggy.

Lily is working on her book.

And then I headed to work and there was bumper to bumper traffic leading up to the bridge.  There were also cop cars and lights on and I assumed it was an accident (and panicked as Matt had left before me…does anyone else do this EVERY time they hear sirens??  I call all family members to ensure they are safe) but as I got closer….I saw this guy.

Only in New Brunswick, would traffic be at a standstill because of a moose.  And so many people had parked on the waterfront and were walking close to take pictures.  I love it!

Alright- that’s it for today folks.  But here is Monday’s Mantra:

Just a friendly reminder- you are perfect.  Stop comparing yourself to others, your inside is more important than trying to look like someone else’s outside!

Love the life you live.  Comparison steals your joy- you are unique and special as you are.

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