Weekend Update + Birthdays+ PEI + Schools OUT for the summer!

Good Monday Morning beautiful people!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We sure did, it was overwhelming and very busy but fun.  I couldn’t survive if EVERY weekend was as jammed but the girls sure had a blast!

Friday was technically the last day for students, but as a high school teacher, they just came to get their report cards and then we had meetings, cleaned, etc., for the rest of the day.

We all escaped for lunch though!  Teachers don’t often get to go out for lunch so when we do we take advantage.

It was really nice to get out and catch up as sometimes during the year, you don’t see each other often, with extra help and extra curricular during the noon hours, so it was really nice to see these ladies.

Good way to start the weekend.

Saturday we had the girls last gymnastics lessons for the summer and they got their ribbons and passed on to the next level!

They also had their last swim lesson this week and they passed that as well!

Since they did so well with both these activities and had GREAT report cards from school, they got a grading gift.  They have been asking for an LOL doll for quite awhile now and I always said no, haha.  So they got one as a celebration.  I just don’t get these things, but the girls played with them ALL weekend and barely put them down.

Then we took off for a quick trip to PEI with my mom.  She has a place there so we visit quite a bit in the summer.

We went for hikes in the woods

And spent LOTS of time at the beach.  When the tide is out, it is SO cool because you can walk for EVER and see some pretty neat rocks.

We picked lots of shells.

Leah found a corn on the cob and thought it was pretty HILARIOUS.

And they found these old anchor chains and had fun with them.


We got up early on Sunday and packed for home.  It was raining, and we also had a birthday party to go to back home.

I think they had fun….

And their best friend, Ellie had her birthday party at the Aquatic centre, so we headed there once we arrived home and had a quick reunion with daddy.

They had a blast.

We are super happy to have daddy back home!  We sure missed him.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Monday Mantra

I usually make my own Monday Mantras- but I saw this one and it just really spoke to me.  I think it is a beautiful saying- to honour what no longer serves you, let it go and anticipate and rejoice in what is to come while enjoying the now.  Be.  Present.



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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