Time to be Honest….

Good morning beautiful folks,

I hope everyone finds themselves well on this good Thursday.

I have something I need to share.  This past year, I have gained twenty pounds.  Now, this doesn’t necessarily bother me as I am happy with how I look and the number on the scale means nothing to me really.  BUT, as a yoga teacher, I wear yoga pants to school every day….and they treat me well and never make me feel bad about myself.  They also lie to me, and trick me into thinking I’m the same size I’ve always been.

Well, lo and behold, it’s exam week and I tried NUMEROUS outfits on that I wore LAST year before China that NO LONGER FIT.  So, I figured I’d hop on the scale and weigh myself.  And yep, I’ve gained twenty pounds and I’m sitting at 171 lbs!  Now, I’m 5’9 and a half and a very muscular girl so that number doesn’t scare me, I was at my tiniest and only ten pounds lighter than this numerically at one point.  If you look at these pictures, I was 160 lbs and really fit and happy.

BUT, the fact that my clothes don’t fit me is concerning. I don’t want to have to buy more clothes, and I know that if I don’t get a handle on this, then every year I will just creep more and more weight on and the older I get the harder it will be to lose it.

I just want to be healthy.

I went to China a year ago, and it was REALLY hard to eat well OR exercise at all.  Our days started very early, and ended very late.  Grant it, we were walking a LOT, so I wasn’t concerned.  I was also having the best time of my life and I wanted to try EVERYTHING I saw as I knew I might not have the chance again.

And this isn’t even a QUARTER of my food pics alone from China!!!!

Also, we were there for about a month and at around day 6 we went to the Great Wall of China, and I injured myself climbing it.  I didn’t know at the time, but found out after that I had Achilles Tendinitis.  Which is REALLY hard to heal….as you walk a lot even with it injured, so it never really rests.  And we were in China for almost a month after that and walking EVERYDAY, EVERYWHERE and there are so many stairs!  So, I just kept injuring it more and more every day.

I have been doing physio and chiro religiously ever since and have iced/heated, wrapped, stopped cardio, limited leg day, quit leg day, only did upper body, etc., and it STILL isn’t 100% healed.  I typically work out HARD and either do HIIT cardio or run a lot (have done marathons/halves in the past) but this year my cardio was EXTREMELY limited and for a significant amount of time- I didn’t do ANY cardio at all to try to heal my ankle, and I know it was part of the reason for the weight gain.

Not to mention- candy.  Candy is my nemesis and it’s been around a LOT this year and I’m not gonna lie……I did NOT deny myself.

Anyway- so I just want my clothes to fit and to feel less bloated.  Feeling bloated makes me feel so gross and lethargic.  I gain weight throughout my entire body when I DO gain weight, and so it is quite balanced.  I am lucky in that way- 20lbs doesn’t look like a LOT to the outside eye, unless you compare.  In the two photos below- the side by side one- I’m 20 lbs heavier in the first pic, and the stacked photo, I’m 20 lbs heavier in the bottom pic.

Matt is obviously on a regular routine since training and is the smallest he’s ever been. In the pics it is before on left and after on right:

So, he’s coaching me.  He has done a LOT of coaching and has BEEN coached a lot over the last few years with biking and he’s the smartest person I know, so he’s going to help me figure out what I need and do the number crunching for me.  He wants to kick-start my metabolism into high gear and shock my body- so, for four weeks I will be doing low carb to rev it up a bit.

I won’t be FOCUSING on the number or scale because that’s not what I’m about, but it is a good indicator used to measure progress.  Sometimes when you (well ME) start gaining weight I don’t necessarily realize it, so the # is a good indicator of progress when my eyes/mind don’t tell me the truth.  It’s also a good way to know if I’m getting into bad habits.

So- I’m wanted to be upfront and honest with you- I’m bloated and twenty pounds heavier than my norm!  Want to join me?  Either to motivate each other or just join in on my story as I move towards my goal?

I don’t regret gaining twenty pounds- believe me- I had SO MUCH FUN doing it!  And I don’t NEED to lose twenty pounds, but I DO love being healthy and I’m actually excited to be hardcore.  I’ve always been an athlete and LOVE having goals and targets to try to hit and achieve.

I will be keeping you posted on what I’m doing and what Matt has in store for me!

Alright- phew, that’s out there!

Now, on to random stuff, haha.

Got my hair done last night by the LOVELY and amazing Mylene Maude Duguay from M & Co. Hair Studios.  She’s amazing and SOOOO easy to talk too!  It’s like having wine with you girlfriend- time flies by!

From a distance:

Close Up:

I LOVE the icy colour!

PS- I wore a REAL bra yesterday ( in this pic):

And it SUCKED!  I’m lucky because since I teach yoga daily, I get to wear sports bras and they are SOOOO comfy.  How do you people do it?  I put the real bra on and almost instantly wanted it off.  AND I wore it on a day I had a hair appointment, so it was on until 9pm!!!!!  OUCH!  Does anyone else feel this way about real bras?  Another reason I want to get fit- maybe it’s tighter because of the weight gain, lol.

Wearing a sports bra today!

And, Leah ASKED me to take a pic of her in her comfy chair cuddling with her Ellie- I think she was pretending to sleep.  And she wanted me to show you all….so here ya go! Haha.

And I’ll leave this here for you….as it made me chuckle.

Alright….back to marking!

Happy Thursday everyone!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

3 thoughts on “Time to be Honest….

  1. I also hate real bras. I basically never wear them. I can’t make myself. It’s a sport bra, or a comfy no wire bra only.
    And I have large breasts (F’s) but I still just won’t do it.

    1. You have F’s?????? Oh my goodness! I agree…they SUCK- the one I had one yesterday had no wires and it STILL sucked! I’ve never felt such relief like I did after I took it off!

  2. You still look fab but I hear ya on wanting clothes to fit better!! I’m excited to see what matt hasn’t in store for you:) I miss HIIT and cardio too I haven’t done any for ages due to getting burnt out! But ready to get back at it too! For bras check out aerie they have really nice real looking bras that are wireless and so comfy:) and great sales! Also their bralettes are the best too and sexy and feel like a sports bra! Love you Miller’s! You’ve got this!

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