SUMMER is here!!!!!


I thought I’d be back up and running as per usual today….but it didn’t happen quite as I had planned.

I got up and got the girls off to daycare (they go the first week as I work Monday and Tuesday and it gives me a few days to get things done before they are home with me) and they were super excited to go as they had a special outing to the splash park planned today. (their choice of outfits today was quite entertaining- Christmas socks?!)

Then I came home and started cleaning until Alicia came to pick me up to drive me to my car.  (we had left it at RHS so we could go out for lunch and then to a friends house to celebrate the end of the school year).  On our way to my car, my dentist called to ask where I was……#facepalm #fail.  So I got my car and RUSHED to the dentist.  I felt HORRIBLE!

I was supposed to  visit a friend and her baby today….but this just threw me off, so I will visit tomorrow instead.

Then I came back home and did gardening.  I have a HUGE amount of gardening to do and this is my fifth time working away at it and it is STILL not done.

I’m headed out soon to go pick up the girls and we have a low key evening planned.  I’m excited as the last fourteen days have been INSANE, and tomorrow Matt is taking me out for dinner for my birthday. (I have one of my students babysitting and I’m super excited!)

Ok, I worked yesterday morning and then we were done at noon so I took off to meet up with some of my bestest friends

and we went to Tide and Boar with a bunch of other teachers to celebrate the end of the year.

And Alicia bought my lunch since it was also my birthday-so, so sweet!!!

Then we went to Alicia’s house and sat out on the porch enjoying the sun before heading to another friends house, Sarah, who just moved into a new, BEAUTIFUL home.   She is also a teacher and it was an end of year party.

Matt and the girls came and got me from Sarah’s and took me out for dinner.  It was a lovely way to spend my birthday!

Now, the rest of the week will be finishing up the yard work and cleaning the house so I can relax a bit more this summer.

Hope you guys are enjoying the heat!  FINALLY!!!!  It is so gorgeous out, and while I was gardening, I made sure to take water breaks to keep hydrated but I was drenched with sweat from the heat, so make sure you are drinking your water!

There is a heat wave warning for this weekend as well, so be prepared and bring a water bottle everywhere you go! Speaking of water bottles- this is what the girls got me for my birthday!  So gorgeous, you can get them at Sports Chek,

Have a great day!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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