New Babies +Long Weekend + Grown-up Time!

Good THURSDAY morning!  Almost the weekend, and a LONG weekend at THAT!  Anyone have fun plans for Canada Day/Weekend in general?

We plan on going to the cottage for the weekend.  So that should be fun!  Hopefully spend lots of time on the water and on the river boat….the weather looks like it’s going to be gorgeous!

And hopefully my burn is gone by then.  I was out yesterday gardening from 10am-about 5pm.  And I put sun screen on….TWICE but obviously didn’t do my back very well.  I’m not burn anywhere else….but it’s not comfy and not an easy place to moisturize. (It looks worse than it is)

Anyone else eat their ice cream (it’s actually frozen yogurt) this way?  Make it into a soup- yum.

However, it’s actually a bit cold today, so the dresses didn’t last long.  They both put on Camp Centennial Hoodies! <3

Random pic, but they have had these frogs since before they were born and they take them EVERYWHERE!  It’s adorable.

Alright, so today I got to meet my new best friend!  Ollie (Oliver) Fox Macdonald.  My best friend Krys and Mark just had their baby boy and he is absolutely precious.  I mean, literally perfect!  I got to hold him for about an hour and a half and he was just amazing.

I definitely had baby fever and if I could trick Matt into getting me pregnant, I WOULD!

I did forget how sore your arms got though from holding a baby in the same position for that long, haha.

And my Nanny made me her AMAZING homemade banana bread for my birthday.  The girls were so excited for it, that they woke me up this morning so they could have some for breakfast.  Not our typical breakfast, but I’m not going to lie I was excited for it as well!

And now there is only ONE piece left!

Leah said, “This is the best one she has ever made!”

And Lily said, “Can you cut the last piece and put it in our lunch?”

I said no, it’s my birthday gift hahaha.

It’s a hit!

And tonight, we have a babysitter coming, one of my students!!!, so we can go out for dinner with some friends.  Should be fun.  I feel kind of embarrassed saying it’s for my “birthday” since it was two days ago now, but that’s why Matt arranged this.  It will be fun to be out with grown ups for a bit!

Hope everyone is having a great day and prepping for the long weekend!!!



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