My husband is a ROCKSTAR + Graduation <3 + FIVE Friday Favs

Hello beautifulies (<– not a word, I know, I made it up!)

It is the LAST day of school for the year 2018!!!!  And my babies are done with kindergarten! (cue the water works!- for mama)

I sent this picture to Matt and he actually got really emotional because he’s not here and he misses us.  It’s sweet, he actually has a hard time being away from us and doesn’t sleep as well.  But he is doing AWESOME!!!  He got FIRST place in his division yesterday in the Time Trial, and SECOND overall in his group!  He is really happy with this and he just keep improving!

Today, he has the race, actually….he’s racing as we speak…well as I type.  GO MATT!!!

And today, the kids all get their report cards.  And since we have no lunch duty and the kids aren’t here, some of the teachers are going to go out for lunch!  This is REALLY exciting for teachers as we typically don’t get to leave the building during school hours.

Last night was graduation, and so my mom babysat.  I tell ya…I gotta get my folks to babysit more often!  First my dad fixes up all the broken stuff, and then my mom babysits and brings supper for the girls (rice, veggies and meatballs)

And notices the floor is dirty….hey!  It’s been a busy week!  So, she mopped it.  And she unloaded the dishwasher and put the dishes away.

She also had to take the girls to their last swim lesson as I had graduation and couldn’t make it.  The girls passed their level and got badges.  They were really excited, but confused that they didn’t just stick like stickers.  Haha.

Graduation.  A long evening, but so enjoyable to watch these kids you’ve known and have witnessed grow over the past four years walk across that stage and receive their diploma.

And I know I’ve said it relentlessly the past few weeks, but this class is STELLAR, and I will REALLY miss them!

This gal right here was one of our co-presidents this year.  I was her advisor for Student Government, until I stepped down from it this year and I also taught her English and Yoga.  She is something special.  She is the sweetest, and smartest and most talented young lady and she is going to do/be something great.  She was also our valedictorian, and I kid you not and am not lying when I say, she had THE BEST valedictorian speech I’ve ever head.  She spoke to the WHOLE graduating class (no inside jokes) and also spoke to the parents.

She also BOUGHT THE WHOLE graduating class fake candles for them to light (on signal) at the end of her speech where she had put together a slide show of the graduating events, prom, safe grad, etc., and she had pictures of EVERYONE in there.  It had all of the teachers, I know, in tears…and I’m sure the parents as well.  How inclusive and sweet???  It was amazing. (they are all holding candles here)

And these two, I’ve taught and adore (and I hope they get married hahaha- kidding…not kidding guys) Brianna and Dante.  Dante works at Camp Centennial and is such a good counselor.

These two actually are not graduating.  They are in grade ten, one is Dante’s sister, Mia, and the one of the right is Emma, her brother Logan graduated (with an average over 98% and got top distinction, and also works at Camp Centennial) and these ladies are in my poetry group.  Amazing kids- and hopefully my soon-to-be babysitters!

And some of my Europe kids, and also kids I ADORE, Riley, Megan and Isabelle.

Ok, I know most people won’t know any of these people, but I had to share, because these guys are just amazing human beings.


It has been a CRAAAAZY week, and really busy.  But, here are a few things that I’ve been loving this week.

1. TASSLE Earrings!  I LOVE tassle earrings.  I wear malas almost every day and now I get to wear them on my ears as well! (kind of) Here are two from this week.

2. Now, I typically and in flats and yoga pants, but this week I got to wear REAL clothes, and I wore high heels last night to graduation.  And usually my feet would be hurting, but these new shoes I got recently were SOOOOO comfy.  And I love the look!

3. This nail colour, my girl Tina just did for me.  AMAZING, fun colour for summer.  It’s called, “Lydia”

4. My friend Katie sent this to me, because it reminded her or my sister and I.  We both get ezcema on our lips and only one lipbalm works for us.  It has been discontinued in Canada for some reason and so now we have to order it from the US.  My dad used to spend his winters in Florida (until recently) and would scrounge around looking for it and pile it up for us.  We are addicted.

5. The sky last night.

***Leah drew this picture and was so proud of it.  She was doing a painting of our house.  How cute???

Ok- that is IT folks!  Have an amazing weekend!  Matt is still away and we miss him, but we are going to keep busy!  The girls have their last gymnastics class Saturday and then we are taking off for a short trip to PEI!  They don’t know yet.  SURPRISE!



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