May Day+ Five Friday Favs + Update on Matt :)

It’s FRIDAY!!!!  YAY!

It’s been such a beautiful week, and hopefully it continues on throughout the weekend.

I got the girls yesterday after school and came immediately back to school to supervise outdoor games and a pep rally as part of Gathering of the Clans. (thanks for the pictures Christie!!!)

The girls had a BLAST!  And I got to supervise WHILE hanging out with my children.  Perfection.  My girls are such a good age right now, and I just LOVE being around them all of the time.  They even got to try out the blow up balls used for soccer ball.

And then they got to watch the Round Robin tournament for Tug a War.  They were making bets on who would win.

AND- their favourite part.  They EACH got a JUMBO freezie!  I had to teach them how to eat it, haha, and Lily struggled with it, but they caught on and LOVED it!

Then we were off to pick up some supper on our way to swimming.

Theirs (sandwiches):


We then we to swimming.

And then home to bed- they fell asleep INSTANTLY…gotta love running them straight out until they pass out!

Matt was out all night with his bike camp.  His Nationals coach is down for the weekend as they are hosting a camp.  This is to promote hand cycling and to try to get more people involved.  It gives people with disabilities an opportunity to give it a try as his coach brought a lot of equipment with him.  Matt has put a lot of work into this and he’s really excited about it.  It’s difficult that it’s on the same weekend as canoe school, but oh well.  And update- Matt is fine from his crash.  We bandaged him up and he was back on his bike the next day.  Thanks for all of your questions and concerns. 🙂

I packed for canoe school.  It should be a good weekend.  Canoe school is fun, but LONG and tiring.  We are on the water Friday from 4-9, Saturday from 7am- 10pm and Sunday from 7am-12pm… makes for a long weekend-especially if it is raining.  But I LOVE canoeing, I love being on the water, wearing my PFD, holding my paddle, and I love being around these people.  So, it should be a good time.

Five Friday Fav

1.  I put my soda stream in my Friday Favs a few weeks back, and once I learned how to make the water on my own (at first Matt just made it during the evening while I made night time snacks, so I didn’t know how).  I just went out this week and bought extra bottles (it was $15 for one of $19 for three-so I got three) and I LOVE it.  I make TWO one litre bottles every morning before I leave for work!

2. My new tree!

I was driving in my a neighbourhood and saw this tree and LOVED it, so I took a picture and brought it to a garden centre and asked for it.  They said it was a pink crab apple.  I can’t WAIT to plant it and watch it grow.

3. Obsessed with my succulents.  They look so gorgeous and really don’t demand much out of me.  Which I love.

4. So, I also got some outdoor succulents, and in my flower boxes, I decided to do all greenery this year.  I love the look at the curly grass, and succulents mixed together.

5. These guacamole packs from Costco.  I LOVE advocado and guacamole, but I’m the only one in the house, so I find when I get it, it goes bad so quickly and I waste a lot.  So, when I saw these little individual packs I was excited.  I use it on my toast, and as a salad dressing or on sandwiches or bagels.  They are perfect.

Alright, that is it for me for the week folks.  Have a GREAT weekend!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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