Mark, Mark, Mark + Wednesday Pose of the Day!

Exam week- Day #3!  Marking is going well so far.  My goal is to finish a set of exams a day even if I have to take them home and mark long into the evening.  If I can get the day’s exam done the day of, then I’m doing really well!  So far, so good!  I need to take walking breaks though and sometimes I do jumping jacks to get the blood flowing, haha.  The brain goes numb after reading similar essays, essay after essay.  I’m proud of my kids though, for the most part I’ve been really impressed with their preparation and improvement.

Today, the goal is to get as MUCH done as possible throughout the DAY time as I have a hair appointment tonight and won’t have as much time at home to mark.  I’m going to bring some with me to my hair appointment but still, I’d rather get as much done beforehand so I’m not stressing.

Other than that- tonight should be low key.  I will hang out with the girls for a bit and then head to my appt and that’s pretty much the night as I go to bed fairly early.

So, I guess the girls aren’t supposed to wear face paint to school.  Whoops! #momfail !!!!

And we had worked so hard yesterday morning to get through our morning routine quickly so I could touch up their face paint (a lot had come off throughout the night). So, we rushed and rushed and touched it up and then they got to school and Leah got so worried and upset that the teachers would be mad at her that she ran to the bathroom and washed it off!  Poor thing!

Lily wasn’t as concerned- she kept hers on.

Lesson learned- no more face painting during the week.  Weekends only.

Matt had some work to do last night….and the girls decided to help!

Also- I posted this on social media, but my hubby isn’t only hot, he’s kind of a big deal!  He is president of parasport NB (because he’s not busy enough as it is as a full time engineer, full time athlete and husband and father) and they were meeting with the minister of tourism culture and sport, and staff, yesterday to provide them with an update on what the organization is doing and where they are headed in the future.

Matt got to express the importance of the organization and the work they are doing, like the bike camp, to try to get more people with disabilities involved in sport and healthier living.  Pretty cool, I guess it went well, so here’s hoping more things will come from it!

Wednesday Pose of the Day- Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

1.  From a standing position (Tadasana) at the top of your mat, step back with one foot. (we will start with the right).  The right foot is now about three feet behind the left and pointing out towards the long edge of your mat and the left foot is still at the top of the mat, pointing to the short edge. (This is the SAME starting position for warrior 2)

2. OR you can START by standing in the Five Pointed Star Position with your toes pointing to the long edge of your mat.

Lost my head, haha:

Then you simply point the left foot towards the top of the mat.  Now you are in the starting position for Warrior 2 as well)

3. Both legs are straight, and the entire body is engaged.  This pose works all the muscles in the body.  Pretend there is a magnet between your thighs, pulling them together.  Draw the belly in towards the spine and SLIGHTLY tuck the tailbone.  Next draw the arms up so they are parallel to the floor.  Palms face down.

4. Continue to make sure to breathe.  On your next inhalation, draw your torso slightly forward towards the left foot.

5. Exhale as you slide the left hand down towards the earth and the right hand up towards the sky.

6. Roll the shoulders back (they should be stacked on top of each other) so that you open your chest as much as you can.  The arms should be creating a straight line.

7. It should also be a straight line from hip to shoulder (and really neck and head until you gaze up wards)

8. Feel free to gaze up towards your right arm, if this feels comfortable. If not, simply gaze forward.

9. Hold for 5-10 breaths and then repeat on opposite side.

***You want the legs to be straight, so if the left hand is not able to touch the ground it is okay to have it rest higher up on the leg, OR use a block. (in baby, mama, or papa position for height)  If you bend or turn your torso to force the hand down, you will lose the openness of the heart chakra.  So, use a block or rest the hand on the shin like below.

Baby Position of the Block:

Mama Position:

Daddy Position:

Have fun with it, don’t forget to breath, and open your heart! <3

Happy Hump Day!



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