GratiTuesday + Matt is gone :(

Ok, Tuesday is here!  And with that, Matt is off to Nationals.  He left early this morning (6:30- when I got home from the gym) and he should arrive late today.  I’m lucky and thankful that he left AFTER I got home from the gym so I could at least get two early morning workouts in this week.  I will have to figure out the rest of the week either going downstairs at home or working out after work before getting the girls.  Random fact- this was the sky as I drove home from the gym.  It was SO beautiful, white fluffy clouds, with clear sky behind and sun shining through.  Pic doesn’t do it justice!

This is a HECTIC week and a hard one to have Matt away.  I have prom this evening and safe grad, which I usually go to, but can’t as I can’t ask someone to babysit over night so I can chaperone safe grad.  And then Thursday I have graduation, which is a long event.  Thankfully, Dad and Becky and babysitting tonight and Mom is babysitting Thursday.  I LOVE prom and graduation and I get so attached to the grads, and there are some in this class that I know really well through travelling to Europe or even through Camp Centennial, so I can’t miss these activities!

Ok, so last night the evening pretty much was focused solely on getting Matt ready for his trip.

I got the girls and we got home and showered, and then ate supper with Matt once he arrived.

Then, we packed his food up.  He likes to bring as much as he can with him, not only to save money (those of you who know Matt, know this is VERY important to him!) but also to keep his nutrition in check.  So, we measured oatmeal, and protein, etc., out and packed it all up.  This past weekend I had pre-made all of his lunches for him but we could only pack up the cold stuff this morning.  We packed the bike and gear into the car, while the girls sang in the middle of the road????  They sang and sang and sang, and Lily’s lyrics went something like this, “I am so famous, everyone look at me, because I am so famous!” ?????

Then, after the girls went to bed, Matt did his last training ride while I prepped the girls lunch and our coffee for today and our night snacks.

Then, I shaved Matts legs!  Yep, I’m gonna pat myself on the back here guys, and name myself BEST WIFE EVER, for helping him with this.  I guess it helps with speed???  I don’t know, but I DO know he owes me 😉 and my birthday is next Tuesday Matt…..just saying! 🙂 xoxo

This morning, after Matt left, the girls and I ate breakfast and then they got dressed and I did their hair in braids, since it is Field Day at their school (sunscreen makes ponytails greasy!).  They were SO excited for this!

We then went to my room so I could get ready and they could sunscreen themselves.  I wanted them to do a good job and I wanted to make sure they got all the spaces they needed.  They are now tinted white and they did a FABULOUS job!

I got dressed- no yoga today, so skirt it is!  Exciting for me!  And it is SO beautiful out!

And then we took off.  Look at them with their cute baseball hats on! They look so grown up.  And I walked them to school and then watched them play and it was adorable.  They play with different kids, which is neat to see.  When the bell rang, they took off and ran so fast to the door, excited for school and the day!  It was cute, and I had a major mom moment, and got a bit teary at how fast they are growing.


Question of the day to ponder-

What’s one thing you experienced recently that made you feel a sense of wonder or awe?

It is nice to be present and live in the moment to the point where little things really begin to stand out.  These little things that are absolutely breath taking, or displays humanity or are real miracles often get over- looked or are simplified, or simply taken for granted.

I’ve made a point in the last few months to really try to look and be present and see these things.  And sometimes it’s hard, we get in our routines and habits and we just move through the day.  However, as the weather gets warmer and the days become gorgeous, I am finding it easier.  Take for instance, the pic I took on the way home from the gym of the sky.

Or, this picture I took this weekend of the sunset from my window.  How beautiful and amazing is this??

Also, I’ve seen how amazing our community is when it comes to community, including animals.

The girls and I were driving the other day and there was bumper to bumper traffic up ahead.  I wondered what was happening and as we neared we noticed the traffic had stopped in either direction, allowing a Mama Duck to cross a busy street with her 8 baby chicks.  It was ADORABLE, and the girls were just AMAZED at the cuteness, and I was amazed at how these people had all stopped in their busy lives, for a good five minutes while these ducks waddled across the street.

Then yesterday, I got to witness this again, with the moose.  Cops were out making sure people were safe, but also making sure the moose was safe.  They stayed there until after 9am, when the moose crossed the street and disappeared into the woods.  People were parked taking pictures and traffic was really polite even though it was morning rush.

What is something you’ve noticed lately that has given you a sense of wonder or awe?  And if you can’t think of something, take the time today to be present of all around you and see if you notice anything!

I would LOVE to hear all about it!


Have a great day!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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